Bites!!! Strange questions ...

Ok so this is probably a bit of an odd question. But what are people experiences with insect bites since being dx? I’m constantly being bitten, 2 of which have turned into blisters. This may have nothing to do with the ms, im just curious if anyone has had a similar experience Thanks

My wife (who has MS) has always been more prone to being bitten than me, I still get insect bites, just not as many as she does.

I wonder if there is any connection

I always get loads of bites. In fact I had a load all over the back of my legs just before diagnosis. I have heard that if you have lower vitamin B levels little bitey things like your blood more. So there might be some sort of connection there.

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Beer is medicinal.

Works for me.wink

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tonic water keeps mosquitoes away, but don’t forget to add gin.

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Funny you should ask! I have never really been troubled by insect bites - they have never seemed to fancy me much - but recently this has changed: even a humble midge bite turns into a bit of a performance. Nothing serious, but unsightly and long-lasting and different from normal. Either the midges have developed a bad attitude or I have suddenly become tasty if you’re an insect.


the italian side of the family used to love it when i visited them; they knew they would get away with being bug free, as all blood suckers would make their way to my pasty coloured flesh!

marmite is supposed to work as a deterrent. although i like to think that any mossie that gets me, finds themselves contending with tecfidera rich blood and thus gastro-upset and endless flushing! ha!

for those who get bitten no matter what and thus have to deal with the itch… the best management i have found… a square of cellotape. i promise you, it works.


Nah not me, i am half Italian, rarely get bites even with MS, i do take garlic tablet everyday perhaps that helps lol. I just think there are more flying biting things around its like living in the tropics now.

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Mediterranean mosquitos used to love me but this year we visited Canada and i was the only one not bitten. i wondered if it was due to taking tec (havw been on it for 10 months). i think i need more evidence and need to visit somewhere hot and sunny in the med again to test my theory! ha ha

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