Itchiness is driving me mad but....

Hi everyone, i started feeling itchy a good few months ago, (I was diagnosed with MS in 07’) its got worse, and its now keeping me awake at night, my palms and soles of my feet, my legs an arms, my scalp etc. I have not been bitten by any insects, or have a rash or anything, probably a daft question but…could it be a new symptom? I have been on tysabri for almost 2 years (changed from once every 28 days to every 56 days) and am due to go for my next one on wednesday. I also started on a new (to me) antidepressant almost 2 weeks ago, my partner thinks its because the dose is too high, but, i havent been able to see my gp (shes on her holidays). Now, i know my mother (who has MS) used to get really itchy legs, something about the nerves kicking off? Probably nothing but if you can tell me what you think please? Cheers everyone Clare (this new site is a bit mad to get around!!)

There’s nothing more annoying than an itch, see another GP! I take Cetrezine (antihistamine) ‘they’ never got to the bottom of my itch!! Keep cool cotton things on. Hope this helps. Take care, M

I have had nerve pain for 4 years now and it feels like I have lots of insects under my skin. It’s very itchy and goes down my back, right shoulder and right arm. I find that its worse at night. My consultant prescribed Gabapentin and Amitriptyline for it. Its made a big difference, Lynne xx

Hi Clare, YES itching is a symptom of MS… it’s the nerve ends playing up. See your GP just to make sure it’s not a side-effect of drugs. Lynne’s advice on drugs that help is very good. NOTHING more annoying. My feet were so bad one night I wished someone would cut them off… sounds daft but that’s how I really felt. Pat x

Hi Clare, I suffer badly from this too. Itchy legs especially, palms and scalp. I usually put more moisturiser on legs, keep cool and put legs up. I can actually feel ms on the move by the changes in places where it itches. Oldie but goodie, calamine lotion can help but you really just have to put your mind somewhere else and try(very hard) to ignore it. Your right it’s classic ms. Ciao Lucy :roll:

Hi, Might well be meds, but this is what I did see if it works for you. Put vinegar on the itch and then drink some vinegar. Drinking it deals with the meds and putting it on the skin helps too. Put as much vinegar as you can on the itch with some cotton wool balls. Takes the itch away immediately. Drink as much vinegar as you can, even if you have to have little sips. hope this helps MM :smiley:

Hi everyone! I saw my gp, he said its not MS (not localised) and i got given antihistamines, so when i saw my neuro yesterday, he also said its NOTHING to do with my MS, (my gp sent me for a blood test, he thinks it could be my thyroid, I already had a blood test 6 months ago that showed i had an underactive thyroid, had to have another one done 8 weeks later, came back my thyroid was ok?). Still itchy, BUT! Saw neuro to have my tyabri yesterday, and was given the option of having a blood test taken to be couriered to the US to see if i was at risk of having PML? Now i didnt realise they do that (the testing)!! Fingers crossed it come back negative!! Thanks for all your replies!! Clare XxX

Hi there fellow PPMSrs.

Yet another thing we have to put up with! I am always getting asked if i have flees or nits! I wish i could stop but i can,t. Have used Eurax,calamine lotion and other potions dished out to me by the docs. I hope one of us on this forum can come up with an answer!!


There is no answer I’d guess! I have had a very itchy scalp for ages, for which my GP prescribed a medicated shampoo which relieves a bit but doesn’t cure. Now I also have itchy lower eye lids and an itchy forehead between the eyes, which feels like I cannot reach it to scratch…like it’s in the skull frontal bones!