Hookworm Cocktail anyone???

Hi all,

I’m new here (I did have a previous account on the old site (rarely used – I was more of a lurkerblush) but have forgotten the details – blame my brain full of holes scared.

I was on copaxone for some years and also tried the copax / mitox mix for some months which had a seemingly miraculous effect at the time.

Unfortunately, due to disease progression (and, I suppose, the pressure of time on these old bones confused) I’ve now been ‘promoted’ to SP and am no longer taking DMD’s (just meds for pain and spasticity and also LDN which I’ve taken at 3mg for years, not sure if it’s placebo but I wouldn’t want to experiment).

As I seem to have reached the end of the road DMD wise and am considering alternatives.

I’ve read with great interest of Helminthic therapy  and am seriously considering this as an option (although I understand the Nottingham trials failed letdown):

Helminthic therapy is based on the Hygiene hypothesis with which I’m sure many of you are familiar:

Hookworm is the helminth of choice for MS and remains in the gut for 3 years, hopefully regulating the immune system thumbsup.

I know I can purchase the patches containing the hookworms from Jasper Lawrence as named in this Guardian article -

Has anyone had this treatment and was it successful for you?

l 'half' watched a television programme - this week - and it was about experimenting with hookworm parasites. They were put onto the researchers arm and by clever x-ray you could see them burrowing in through the skin and into the flesh.

Hope someone else saw it and can say what the programme was - l was 'cooking' at the time and watching this programme on the kitchen telly - with half an eye - like you do.

lnteresting subject - MSRC site may have some info.


Just google msrc hookworm treatment - and yes there is a lot of info.

Trials are being done - it is supposed to help folk with asthma/crohns/lBS/MS

l shall  have a good look into it -

Let us know if you decide to 'give it a go' - what have we got to lose!!!

best wishes

Frances.   [l often get called fannyadams as well]


I watched that programme, think it might have been Embarrassing bodies on channel 4.

Good luck if you decide on the treatment

Jenna thumbsup

Thank you for your reply Campion (interesting name ), could you remember the name of the TV programme, I’m wondering if I could catch it on iPlayer or similar - I do hope it wasn’t noodles you were cooking when you watched it !!!

Have you had any treatments that worked for you?

Whoops, sorry, didn't mean to be anon, how do I unanon me please???????

Thank you Jenna - I’ll have a look out for that - did someone actually have the hookworm treatment?


Thanks Rebecca,

That’s a bit disappointing, I was hoping for a programme about treatment options !!!

Thanks for letting me know

Fanny xxx