So, is this for real?!


i remember our puppy having so many worms that she passed a mountain of them on the newspaper left for her business.

then again if they can manufacture the compound, that will be great.

carole (still shuddering)


Just for a change I’m glad that my MS is far too long standing for this to ever be a treatment I will have to take. Just watch out all those people who are diagnosed in the next few years.


Sign me up immediately, one of the signs of parasite infestation is rapid weight loss. I could do too lose a few stone!

I paid to be infected with the kind of worms that burrow through your skin. It didn’t seem to make any difference to my MS (or my weight). I got rid of the worms after a year and got my money back. There are plenty of people out there promising a cure but most of them are lying.

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Just read the ‘science bit’ via the above link. Sounds feasible, hope the mouse model does well on it. l expect we all have some type of parasitic worm. lt costs me a lot of money to worm our horses/dogs/cats/chickens etc. - Actually, l have never seen any of them have worms - possibly because we do regularly treat them. And pick up the poo!

How do they test - if they can -whether the worms are working and if there are any contra-indications.

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With the company that supplied my worms (actually a plaster with worm eggs on it that I stuck to my arm), there were no tests to see if they were doing me any good or any harm. I did have to send them poo samples so that they could check I actually had worms. As I said above, they were kosher in the sense that they promised me a full refund if I felt the worms didn’t cure my MS. After a year, I decided they hadn’t cured it and I did get my money back. I think the worms cost a bit over £1,000 but it’s more than five years since I did this so I’m a bit hazy on the actual amount.

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Sounds horrible! I’m not going to look at the link! Coward!


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This is old new, a study in Bristol did a study with hook worms and though they said it looked promising nothing came of it.

You might as well eat dog poo or rotting meat and hope it will change your immune system in the right way to back off of MS. So many things will effect your immune system but most will not make any difference in changing it in the way we need.

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