helminthic Therapy

What are peoples thoughts on this? Nottingham Uni are about to start a phase two trial.

I tried this for a year - definitely had helminths in me - you get a rash on your arm where they burrow in and the company that I got them from checked my stool sample and told me they were there. I carried on deteriorating at the same rate or faster than I had been before. When I started on Tysabri, I got rid of the helminths for fear that two different restraints on my immune system would not be a good thing.

I’m not saying this wouldn’t work for anyone because everyone’s MS is different - I’m just saying it didn’t do anything for me.

I can see the logic of how it might work. I’m sure parasites have evolved over the years, to regulate our immune systems so our bodies don’t get too hostile for them.

However, I’m still not desperate enough (yet) for it to be an acceptable mode of treatment. Too much yuck factor! When they work out a way to replicate the effect, without having to host an actual live infestation, I’ll start being interested.