Has anyone else infected themselves with worms to cure MS?

I did this a bit over five years ago. They were the kind of worms that burrow through your skin and make a home in your gut. The guy who sold them to me (Jasper Lawrence, who ran Autoimmune Therapies at that time) promised that the worms would stop my MS or he would give me my money back. He did give me my money back, a bit over a year later when I had carried on getting worse and was about to go onto Tysabri.

This has been in my mind because there was an article in the Guardian yesterday, which gave a lot of space to people who are convinced that this is a way to help people with MS. Here’s a quote

“Parker and his researchers have gathered data from hundreds of users and growers. “I’m convinced,” he says. “Based on the evidence I’ve seen, it is very effective,” he says. “It has a really good benefit-to-risk ratio, especially for serious autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis”.

Like I said, it did nothing for me. Has anyone else had experience of this, good or bad? Or do you know anyone who has?

The Guardian article is here, if you want to read it:

Not personally, but the Barts Blog has covered this subject a few times now. It appears there was even a trial in Nottingham, although I can’t recall the results being published.

My first thought with anything like this is “…if it worked, wouldn’t a potential cure be shouted from the rooftops?”

I imagine we wouldn’t be able to move for people offering this treatment if it really worked !!

My gut feeling (…which is always on my side whether I adhere to it or not) is that this is just another example of the bullsh*t we get offered all the time …and my gut says “…steer well clear of this” until there’s scientific proof that it works!

I have had the same lack of conviction about stem cell treatment - which so far doesn’t look as though it cures progressive MS - but I sincerely hope researchers are on the right track?

Having just recently turned 51, pretty convinced there won’t be a “cure” in my lifetime!!



Your address got cut off whammel, and I can’t access it (even by cutting and pasting). Could you let me know what comes after this?


Thought you might find this interesting:

Early work has shown that people with gut parasite infections, such as hookworm, are less likely to have MS. Small studies have also shown that hookworm infection in people with MS could be linked to a reduction in the severity of symptoms.

Also, we are actually funding a trial testing hookworms in RRMS:

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Hopefully, this will work ok. The search at Barts Blog brings up pages of the stuff and this is just one example.

Faecal transplantation came up on the same search, in case that’s of any interest.

Your ‘gut’ feeling Liam?? Is it saying ‘keep those worms well away from me?’ If so, I feel my gut may be in agreement with yours.


Ew, I don’t know if I fancy the idea of eating poo. Although, obviously if it cured my MS then I’d be tempted to do most things, I suppose including ‘eat sh*t’!


I’m not sure this was the best thread to read when I was thinking about food!

Intriguing stuff, got to say. The hookworms thing…the worms themselves aren’t bad for you then?

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Am I really the only person on here who has tried this? It was really nothing (I felt none of the fatigue or worsening of symptoms that I got for a week after having Tysabri) - but it did nothing for me as well. Maybe I was too far on in the disease.

There’s some more details of this hookworm trial on the PDF document.

Must not read posts like this just after I’ve eaten! Bleurgh!

Don’t think I’d want ‘worm therapy’, thanks… Mind you, if it does work, hopefully they’ll be able to find out why and artificially ‘create’ the same result without the worms!