Home building

Things are happening.

It’s a shame some people have questioned my drive and determination but what of it?

The truth is out there.



Well you are definitely getting there Steve. You have a lot of good friends. Our work upstairs is nearly done the guys say 2 to 3 weeks and then it will be finished the plasters have been here this week and the place is very dusty . They are nice but I wish they would remember to shut the front door , Frazer escaped I dread to think which neighbours lawn he ‘spent a penny’ on . He came back after I called him and shook his biscuit tin. Michelle and Frazer xx

Biscuit tin, where? I just fancy a biscuit. I was eating blueberries, until I noticed they were mouldy. The birds are having a frenzy now. One persons loss, is a birds gain. The law of nature.

All the best to you Steve, in your new home. It takes a while to get things how we want them & wonder what, will upset, who.


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