Quick catch up

Hello , Iv’e had a busy busy week so much going on hardly any time to go on the forum let alone reply i hope every one is okay… It made me so happy to hear about Dicky I’m so pleased for you Pat.

My son Jonathan came to stay from Glasgow with his new girlfriend and her twin brother and Carol one of their best friends. Then on Friday Jamie my other son from Conway and Sam their cousin came to stay…there were bodies everywhere, they were meant to sleep in the tent but ended up sleeping in the house…they all went home yesterday I’m completely exhausted but on a high because they were such good fun. Carol is my age and has stayed before so she was a massive help shes so lovely and knows what to do to help. They all knew i wasn’t well so didn’t expect a lot. I hadn’t met Jenna and Robert before, they are twins Robert has aspergers like my Ben and very similar interests so they got on well and had a good understanding of each other…I had to laugh at Jonathan , they had just got there and he suddenly announced that Jenna was his girl friend , i didn’t have time to try and create a good impression…Frazer really enjoyed himself, he got loads of attention he’s also sad now they’ve all gone home…and all this was when Lee was away with work, the house is a bit of a state, things all over the place, the Carer will have her work cut out today, but in a funny way i feel so proud of myself …can’t help feeling my life is not over yet!

Michelle x

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