House alterations- progress

Hello all! I thought I’d start a personal thread as a log of our progress with our building works.

Please let me know if it is inappropriate, or of no interest, I can simply let it slide down the pages out of sight. If it seems to be of any interest I’ll update it every so often.

It’s all to do with making our dear old Edwardian semi a bit less of an obstacle course for me, and today is D-day. The builders arrived at 7.58 am having said they’d be here at 8. That’s a good start! They are now stripping out all the lovely old joinery around the door frames where we are having wider doors put in. Most of the new doors will be sliding doors so they are easier for me to open in my wheelchair, and will take up less space in the rooms.

Another good sign is that they are proposing to put down some cheap vinyl flooring where they have to strip back to floorboards, to make my journey to the loo easier on the rolling rota stand device we use. Very thoughtful, and an encouraging sign that they understand the potential difficulties I might face while they are working.

And the cats don’t seem too freaked out yet either! All round result, so far.


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Hi Kev

So glad everything has got off to a good start. Yeah! Do keep us posted on what is going on as I am a bit nosy and like to kept in the loop.

When do you go into respite?

It is a lovely day in Aberdeen. So sunny!

Feeling a wee bit down today, this is our last week in our house and the new people bought our dining table and chairs yesterday. We have had a lot of family dinners round that table and some great times and memories. It is a bit big for the flat and it’s only stuff.

Oh well! back to the packing.

Thinking of you Kev.

Mags xx

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Thanks Mags. Respite is next Wednesday (8th) for three nights. Think I’ll be staying in my room, not having the slightest interest in bingo, quizes, word searches etc or communal meal times with a lot of lovely but frail and elderly ladies. I’ll be getting enough of that in years to come, no doubt, but I’d like to put off the day!

Kev x

Hi Kev,

pleased that a starts been made on your alterations, please keep us informed,of course we are interested,we love to hear how things are

i have taken my house off the market as it was stressing me out too much,so for now im staying put,but change my mind so much,anything could happen,lol ,

i could be selling again next week,im driving my other half round the twist with it… but at least lifes not boring…lol

he likes a challange,and boy oh boy am i a challange

​J x

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Kev it’s good to hear about your renovations. It’s so reassuring when it gets off to a good start. Let’s hope it continues like that, and that your visit for respite care goes just as well. Please let us know how you get on.


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Hi Kev, great start did they stay as well? Might be an idea if not already done so to tell them you know loads of other local people who are keenly watching your conversions/adaptions with the idea of following suit. Hehe.

As for when you go in respite care I think you Should mix with the old ladies you will make them very happy, you could sing, play instruments read poetry tell tall tales enriching their lives with a younger mans presence.

Pauline x

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Day three

Pauline, they seem to do about 5-6 hours without a break, then leave the rest of the afternoon quiet for us, which we appreciate- easier to have my customary doze then. Boss man calls in not long before they leave to check up on progress and discuss the next day. They clean up well, and are very considerate of my situation. We are very pleased so far.

Big dusty day today- the chimney breast in the kitchen is coming out to widen my path through to the back room and the back door No more having to shift the pedal bin out of the way!

The back room is my old instrument repair workshop and also our utility room, and leads through to the conservatory, so I’m hoping to get more time sitting in the latter looking at the garden since it will be easier to get to.

Meanwhile, soot and dust!

Hope all goes well Kev, they sound a considerate bunch of guys. And of course I wanna know whats going down in your hood I am a nosey bleeder. wider doorways that is something I could do with I keep n taking chunks out of door frames my driving skills are legendary


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I’ll put some pictures in a Dropbox folder and send you the link in a few days.

Hope everything continues to go well Kev, keep us posted. Makes such a huge difference when you get people working in your home that are considerate of our problems.

goood luck,

Nina x

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These contractors sound A1 Kev, totally professional and considerate, in my job I have daily contact with so many different contractors and those who carry out adaptions, i find some of the companies a real pain, and sadly only a handful that are as yours are.

Sounds heaven having a conservatory to sit in and look out into the garden.

You didn’t react to my suggestion of spending time with the ole’ladies! Do this mean no way Kev?

Pauline x

I’ve done my fair share of that in the past, Pauline. I often used to go and sing at the village Evergreens’ ( i.e. Over 60’s) Christmas Party. I’d always be given a bottle of Lambrusco. Yummy. No, I think I’ll get some quality peace and quiet after all the banging and crashing and dust we’ve had here.

Kev x

Hi KeV

Sounds like you have a lovely bunch of considerate builders there, makes so much difference.

Hope it all goes well and enjoy those “old ladies” in respite.

Pam x

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Enjoy your respite out of the way of the building works at home.

I`m off for respite on Mon - Fri…my hubby gets stressed out by me needing him almost 24/7!


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Have a lovely time as well Poll, hope you are feeling better (((((hugs)))

Pam x

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Week 2 commences. By last Friday we had made good progress downstairs: front room & dining room doorways widened and new architrave put on, all the light switches and power points moved and properly fitted where required. In the kitchen the chimney breast has gone and the doorway to the back of the house widened. Lots of other bits and pieces.

Today the plasterer is in making good all of that. He’s an interesting guy, prefers doing restoration jobs. He does the old lime render, and plaster decorations and mouldings.

I had some good news on Friday: my haematologist bid me a fond farewell. Now we’re all sure that my neurological problems are not connected with my lymphoma or the chemo, he has signed me off. Co-incidentally I saw the neurologist the day before: carry on as we are for now. But at least I’m down to one consultant now!

Kev I take my hat off to you. I didn’t realise your renovations were so extensive. And I think the old ladies will love you. I know a widower in his 80’s and runs from the old ladies in his nursing home as he feels they’re really predatory. So polish and shine the wedding ring and make sure they take notice.


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The downstairs bit is the easy half! Upstairs is stripping out the existing bathroom and joining it to the adjacent small bedroom to make a bigger bedroom, and making a new bathroom nearer our bedroom, plus widening part of the landing. Gulp!

Plumbers in today, moving three rads downstairs, because of door widening and the sliding doors which are to go in. So no heating at the moment, and I’m confined to the bedroom. Starting to get chilly in the house, too…

Wrap up warm mate, I have had to put a cardie on but now the sun is in the back of the house its actually too warm. Hope all goes well. Don

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Well done for coping so far Kev…the very thought of it all exhausts me! You’ll need your break when it comes!

Good luck,

Nina x

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