House alterations- progress

Sorry Poll, should have said to have a comfortable stay. Is it something you do often? This will be my first time, going this afternoon. The builders are already knocking things around upstairs.

When I got to the top of the stairs to go down this morning, I looked up at the beam above the stair head which they are going to replace, and I said, “Goodbye, and thank you for all your support!”

Taxi for Mr Adams…

Back from the 2 days respite care to find the rooms on our landing all chopped about as per the plans. Could still do with a little more turning circle by the top of the stairs, but on the whole I’m pleased. The bathroom will be cosy, but so much easier for me to get into than our current one, and my new den/music room (ex back bedroom) is going to be great.

Ps care home food dreadful, bed too short and like trying to sleep on a sack of spuds, and, sadly, the company was depressing. Not their fault, but there you go…

Sorry the respite wasn’t a roaring success Kev…glad you are home safe and sound and you’re happy with the work that was done in your absence.

Good luck with the rest of the work.

Nina x

Goad you are back home KeV, there is nothing to beat your own bed and surroundings.

When all the work is complete, life will be easier for you, bet you can’t wait.

Pam x

Glad you’re at home now Kev. There’s nothing like home comforts. You’re doing really well coping with the disruption but I’m sure the end is becoming closer and you’ll be very settled then with a much more user friendly home. The idea of your music room sounds fab. Take care and grit your teeth.

Cath x

Progress being made, and less dust now the most destructive work is done. The new bathroom is taking shape, we have chosen the sanitary ware but now need to decide on tiles and flooring. We went to Topps Tiles yesterday. I was feeling quite good when we went in but as we surveyed the endless choices someone or something threw a switch and I turned into a zombie in minutes. Felt rough for the rest of the day, and stayed in bed til gone midday today.

We still haven’t chosen anything!

I’m sorry you had such bad day yesterday, I find it very stressful making decisions I have to live with for a long time. Have you considered looking on Topps Tiles website and choosing a couple from there, you could then ring the shop to see if they stocked them for you to view properly. Let’s face it things never look the same online.

I admire you greatly for making the decision to alter your home, then planning, then finding a builder, then choosing paint,wallpaper, tiles etc etc. I recently notices significant cracks to my home and I am dreading the potential upheaval it might cause. The insurance company are sending a surveyor on Monday, I hope whatever he finds my insurance covers it.

Good luck finding the right tiles.

Jan x

Thank you Jan. We have got a bit closer today by doing exactly what you suggest, and we think we may have found some flooring online too through a company who supply free samples. I’ve applied for something I think we’ll like and we can home in on the right wall tiles if it does hit the mark. And when they say free, they mean it- no postage.

We are doing all this work because we love the house, and the options for suitable bungalows round here are few and far between, besides needing a much bigger cash injection than we are giving this project.

Glad it sound like it is getting sorted. Once the builders get in they want to get it sorted, you wont know yourself when its all finished. It will be alright on the night

You going back for anymore respite?


I sent you an internal email coz I cant find your proper email address anymore. I was thinking about you earlier today and making instruments


Hi Kev,

i know what you mean by switch throwing when you choose things.

Thank goodness one of my daughters came and helped me pick kitchen, tiles etc for our new flat.

That was 3 months ago and do you know what? I can’t remember what we picked. Lol!!

I am dreading the day we have to go and choose flooring, curtains etc. but thankfully my nephew ( who is a joiner) is going to help with the flooring.

thank goodness for the Internet eh??

I used to love all that interior design stuff and could shop for hours. Now it just makes me feel queezy. Boo hoo!!!

i am glad everything is going nicely Kev you seem to have picked good builders. Have you a lot to do?

Mags xx

Hi KeV

Sounds like its moving in the right direction, bet you and your wife will be pleased when its all complete.

Looking on the internet sounds like a good plan.

Pam x

Nothing much to report over the past week or more, because we’ve had a long delay waiting to get the bathroom tiled. As soon as we had the tiles, the tiler said he couldn’t put them up because two of the walls weren’t true enough. So, the plasterer skimmed one wall, and boarded and skimmed another. With everything now ready to go, the tiler called in sick.

Meanwhile, our favourite chippy Lee has been keeping us cheerful and doing all the pernickety making good jobs he can, like the little bits of flooring where the doors were widened. We think that there hasn’t been too much slippage on the project because the first tranche of work was done sooner than expected.

The tiler has been! Slight question as to whether we have enough tiles, but at least we now know that tilers do exist!

meanwhile Chippy Leigh plugs away. He’s built us a cupboard for the bathroom wall. Not in the spec, we just asked and he’s done it.

he will receive a ‘drink’ when he finishes here!

Work is moving much more slowly now. Hold ups mainly in the bathroom. The sink that the architect designated does not allow me to wheel under, so we wait while decisions are made about that.

the painter has done pretty well everything downstairs, but he is a messy so-and-so, and doesn’t seem to take pride in what he does. Luckily he is the first of the tradesmen we’ve had who has annoyed us, the rest have been great, and very considerate of us and of my situation.

project was due to end this week; I now think another two or three weeks. Lots to be pleased with though.

Hopefully at the end of it KeV it will be so much better for you.

Thinking about house alterations reminds me of when we had a company to widen the doorways in our bungalow. We did research and this company had good reports…but the one radiator in the hall had to be moved, which seemed a straight forward jjob.

The man moved it and was doing some pipe work with this hot thing (can’t think what is was called) and low and behold he burnt the front door with it!!! Good job we had decided to have the front door wider, otherwise I can’t imagine what would have been the outcome.

Moral of my story …there is always one!!

Pam x

Yep, there’s always one, Pam!

by the way, the hot thing you’re thinking of is his blowtorch

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Latest news:

The new bathroom is in commission and is great. I can wheel along the landing directly from the bedroom into the bathroom! I can wash myself and clean my teeth! I can catheterise there before I go to bed! The bath is a better shape for me. And the room is small but large enough and laid out so that I can turn my wheelchair around. Absolute result, after all the worries of the planning stage. Ruth reckons it has freed up a lot of the time she has had to spend doing carer stuff for me.

So we are getting very near the end, all the very loud and dusty stuff is done, we are into choosing paint colours for the two other rooms upstairs which have been affected. Some time in the new year I will be able to reinstall my home studio into the bigger room which becomes my study / music room, and I can start being seriously creative again.

All this excitement and happiness helps to stave off the winter aches and pains and blues, which are getting to me big time. It will be nice to be free of builders, though they have been so considerate most of the time. I just want to doze way the dark days with a jig-saw puzzle in front of the fire.

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Sounds good KeV for both you and your wife, so pleased for you.

Love it when a plan comes together.

Pam x

Sounds great and near to completion too, shall we have a cyber party when it’s finished

Jan x