Hollywood Bowl Concession?

Does anyone know what the eligibility criteria is for the “special concession” rate at Hollywood Bowl?

It says on their website that their concession rate is £2.62 a game but it doesn’t say who is eligible for this rate. I’ve emailed them but as yet they haven’t replied. I put the query into Google and it came up that both the carer and disabled person can pay this concession rate.

Has anyone any experience of paying this rate? It seems like a pretty good deal if it’s right!


Sarah x

Just thought I’d let people know that it is right! Hollywood Bowl didn’t get round to replying to my emails so we booked online and hoped for the best.

So, to confirm the price per game is £2.62 for both the disabled person and the carer. We were ready to show my DLA award notice but they didn’t ask to see it!

We had a good game, and my hubby and I even got exactly the same score!!

Sarah x

Hi Sarah.

So pleased you enjoyed yourselves.

£2.62 is really good isn’t it?

Shazzie x


there has to be something good come of having this delightful condition.

i got a free carers ticket when i booked for festival no 6 at portmeirion, saving £130

carole x