Carer Pass

Just looking for some advice on this.

In the past if ive gone out with my partner for a day out Etc. i have shown my blue badge, and let in with a carer ticket which at times i couldn’t go with out someone with me.

But, I am in full time work mostly get by ok no issues so have never claimed DLA or PiP as i don’t think i need it or Qualify for it.

I am about to get tickets for an event i want to attend but to get a carer tiket i have to meet these criteria

Disabled customers requesting free carer tickets are required to provide a copy of any of the following:

  • Confirmation of Middle or Higher rate of Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
  • Confirmation that you are in receipt of Standard or Advance rate of Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

Certification of being registered blind or partially sighted

Disabled customers requesting free carer tickets are required to provide a copy of any of the following:

I know feel that to be classed as a disabled customer i have to be receiving some sort of benefit to prove it. Surly that cannot be right.

I think this is a discretionary thing where different places have different criteria.

Like Slug says, different criteria. I suppose it could be to do with means? Blue Badge is not about costs but about convenience. Nearer to entrances, facilities etc. You could be a very wealthy person and hold a blue badge and as such, don’t need financial concessions.

If you don’t have the required proof of help with income, they probably feel you don’t need the financial assistance with ticket costs. It does seem odd. It might be worth a phone call to the venue?

I try to get a complimentary ticket for my carer…as I dont go anywhere alone.

For cinema, I have a CEA card…£6 a year and really worth it

Going to Blackers on Friday, so

Theatre…they accept my word for it…never mind the wheelie!

Blackpool Zoo…£10.95 for each of us, plus DLA letter.

Blue badge may help in someplaces.


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It’s not so much about being means tested, it’s whether or not you require assistance. I get carer’s tickets to most venues, sometimes they are free, other times half price, like you say Poppy, phone the venue, but I am always asked to provide proof of PIP award. I did use to get them through a blue badge but they now ask for PIP info. Some places don’t do them though & some only if you are in receipt of carers allowance as well.

Hi Phil,

Same as the others. If I turn up in a wheelchair some places just let my carer in for free or reduced rate. ( I sometimes ask if they are kind enough to ). In the event of a fire your carer is responsible.

Local theatre just wanted to see blue badge- it’s now on my records so next time can just phone and get one ticket free.

Just been awarded enhanced PIP for mobility. Got myself:-

Disabled railcard - 1/3 off for me and a carer

CEA cinema card.

Going on M6 toll road soon- they need to see PIP award letter and it will be free. Taking a copy with me.

Basically it depends on each venue. Look on their websites under accessibility it might say. If not just ring.

Good luck,



i had the cinema card for a year but never renewed it because i learnt that the cinema dont get paid from elsewhere. i use my local independent cinema and didnt feel comfortable that they lost out. i may feel differently if i had access to a large company-i dunno-i dont have that option!


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