Lost my DLA letter...

I’ve looked everywhere but I can’t find it. I wanted it to renew my CEA card. My question is whether I’ll be putting my head above the parapet to be called for a PIP assessment if I ring and ask for a replacement letter, does anyone know?

Many thanks

Becky x

Hard 1 to answer that Becky, depending where you live (put in your postcode in the Gov website for PIP) you may well be almost imminent to be invited for PIP anyway. They are trying to finish assessing people by mid 2018, it was by December this year, but surprise, surprise they are behind. Put in your postcode, see were they are up to, make your mind up from there. They will unfortunately get round to everyone soon, I believe there is only a few places left to cover, on saying that, they are probably not being honest about that either! x

DWP call centre can print and post a proof of benefit letter at your request. It shouldn’t put you on their RADAR, the staff have no power and are used to being asked for letters. A request for a letter wouldn’t ring any alarms, just give em a call.

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Thank you for your reply! I bit the bullet and called them, the free carer’s ticket is about the only advantage of this bloody illness! x

Thank you for your reply! I have called them for a replacement letter. I know that letter’ll be coming through the door soon, to be honest it’ll probably be a relief after all the worrying I’ve done about it! x

Glad you got a copy.

Local theatre let carers in free too. Mine just sent a letter ands form they’re keeping a database, with consent for all their customers who need carers with them.

Filled in the form and sent it off. Saw Shirley Valentine last month was really good. Stalls seats, carer free - needed her as very steep slope to seats and uphill to loo.

Saw Murder on the Orient Express on Sunday - didn’t get discount as don’t like having to be close to and look up at the screen. Friend helped me up a few stairs. Again, great film.

Jen x

The local wetlands and wildfowl centre lets carers in free too. And I joined for about £35, so we can go for a lovely walk for nothing. And it’s lovely.