Am I registered disabled?

Hi All

I hope that you are all as well as can be. I’ve a question that might be a bit stupid! I have just been awarded the higher rate of both mobility and care allowance, does this mean that I am now registered as disabled?



Its not really about registering as disabled freckles. All you need to be concerned about is applying for the correct benefits relative to your disabilty. If you have a car you can apply for a blue badge for disabled parking. have a look on website for more info. I don’t know if your aware of this site freckles…thought it might be helpful. x

Hi, in a word hun, yes, you are.

Dont feel daft for asking. I also asked that question when I got my first parking badge…it was orange back then!

Being in receipt of any disability benefits makes us on the virtual register luv.


Hi Freckles

In the past there used to be a disabled register but it was disbanded years ago. Nevertheless some council/health workers refer to it as though it still existed. Now people use DLA or PIP to demonstrate that they are legitimately disabled – high rate mobility and care will do it. It’s more about you using it as proof if you need it than some list somewhere that others can refer to.

You can use your award letter to qualify for things like cinema passes, National Trust entry etc. It’s entirely up to you. If you choose to keep it to yourself then that is your choice,


Thanks all for your great replies. I have just applied online for a blue badge, an at the end of the form it said all applicants have to have a face to face meeting! Was just wondering if anyone has attended one of these, if so what does the meeting consist of?


Freckles xxx


If you get high rate mobility portion of DLA Blue Badge should be automatic. I’d double check that you need the face to face.


I didn’t have a face to face meeting for my blue badge. And Wendels is right if you get higher rate then you automatically get a blue badge Barney

I recently had to reapply for my grans badge - she’s 100yrs old and has had used a badge for approx the last 20 - and she had to have a face to face meeting in order to collect her badge - although this was not part of the assessment as she had already been approved.