Disabled bus pass and Blue Badge.

Today I applied for a disabled bus pass.

I telephoned the council first,they told me to pick up the form at the post office and take it with proof of benefits and proof of adress to the local council offices.

So off I went got some photos done and got the form.

OMG shocking what MS has done to my face,I am a little poorly and fighting through but I have aged,my eyes look dark and almost evil,I am realy shocked and want to cry.

Went to the council offices and they told me no we dont do the forms take it to the post office.I told her I cannot fill the form in due to my MS.Also I explained I was not angry just I find it hard to speak due to the MS,bless she copied all my paper wotk for me and filled in my form and off I went to the post office.Lady checked everything and took one of my photos.

So thats done.

.Then I went online to find out about Blue Badges and gosh you can fill it in online.

So I filled the form in and grrr it needed a photo well then it was a hunt for the printer leads then install the printer software,sorted.Scanned the photo and uploaded it for the form and sent that off to the offices.

So again it is wait and see,I should get them I am sure.

Fingers crossed I will get both,I am sure if the blue badge people speak to my doctor I will get the BB…

I hope everyone is well this eveing…


Good luck, Charlie. I went through the same but it ‘turned out all right’. Maybe I shouldn’t say this (I’m married and have a nine year old daughter) but I’ll say it anyway - I also have blonde hair and I’ve always thought that the pic of you looks quite agreeable. I’m 56 now and I’ve had the MS for 13+ years. I can’t think of anything else to say but the pic is nice.

Marcus. x.

Thankyou Marcus,the picture is not to bad but it is a reminder of what MS can do to us.At 40 I looked around 30 years of age as the MS quickly got worse I aged.

That Picture Marcus was taken 4 years ago now I dont feel I look like me anymore.But I accept that it part of the course,but I can also see why people look at me strangley by that photo.

No Worries - it’s what is inside that is more important.

Marcus. x.

Jellybean i may be totally wrong but i read a post regarding your DLA; Always thought if you got higher rate mobility you automatically get a Blue badge?

Could be wrong though so its worth asking on here! xxx

Never mind the photo bit (but you look good to these tired old eyes, Charlie), but what about the rest of it

It’s all in the words. My council, under eligibility, put it like this:
" If you receive the higher rate of mobility component of the Disability Living Allowance"
which means exactly that you are eligible - so you still have to apply.

I am in the “may be eligible” category. Like, I have difficulty walking. So my badge is up for renewal next month - and I look at my Council’s website. That tells me that I can apply on-line. I check this by e-mailing the Council BB Department. I get a reply which says I can apply on-line, but does not answer the other questions I asked. What a pain. The form is on the DirectGov website, which tells me that it should only take 15 minutes to fill in. The instructions are somewhat misleading, as they do change as you go through. It is subtle, but it could catch one out: some of the stuff you are told that you will need is required to complete the form; later, you are told that you will need other documents (but not that you will not need them to complete the form). I spent 10 minutes trying to get the form to accept my NI Number (incorrect format, when using the same format that every other official form I have ever filled in requires), and when you try a variation, you have to change it again when you are asked to confirm the number or it will be rejected for failing to match the two numbers. Whoever designed the form should be taken to the nearest vet and put down. The form for Attendance Allowance is the most excellent design (pdf form allowing completion of specified fields, with clear examples) so obviously DirectGov and the Benefits Agency do not talk.

As to the form itself, how do you know what you put down when you were asked the same question (in a different form) three pages back? Easy, thinks I, print off each page. and then the next bit of poor design pops up. The form uses what is technically called “absolute sizes”, and left justification - but the sizing is such that to get the whole page printed, you have to set your printer to landscape mode.

I could go on at great length, but you get the general idea. I agree with trying to cut down BB fraud, but this is like trying to use a sledgehammer to slice a tomato.


And I must add to my previous post:

This morning, a very nice person from my Council phoned, saying that they had my form, aveything was OK, and how did I want to pay. !!!

Of course, she caught me with the Copaxone Autoject in hand, my debit card is downstairs and I am not, so I have to get it and call her back. Now I wonder if the new BB will fit the holder that I have (that also carries the time wheel thingy) and whether it will look OK to a French parking attendant. Myrphy’s Law could strike even yet …


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Do you get the higher rate DLA if som youm are automatically qualified for a blue badge, at least thats what my local disability group told me, same with the disaled bus pass. Good luck…

As for filling the form in I have two 19 inch wide screens on my computer and soon as I fit another graphics card I will be adding a 22 inch smack in the middle,they are set up to act as one screen.So you can drag pages across to each screen easily.

I there for when filling in a form I have a webpage on both screens.Filling in forms and only send one in as I double check what is ticked or written.If I make a mistake I just go back a page or two and start again.

Yes Jon I get the highest rate on both mobility and care.

I didnt think of filling the form in at the council offices yesterday so came home and started looking online.

To get a BB you need to be unable to walk very short distances.If you can walk to the local shop apparently your not entitled to it.

Plus I do not have a car to attach it to.

People do abuse the system and defraud these services on a large scale.I would never defraud anyone I would feel so guilty and it would eat me up.I have no criminal record and do NOT want one over something like this.



I’m in the process of picking up various ‘freebies’:

Local bus/train/ferry boat pass.

Free prescriptions.

Free Cinema pass for my ‘pusher!’

And tomorrow a Blue Badge - even though I don’t have a car - it will come in handy if I get a lift anywhere. I also done it online but you do need to send hard copy evidence to the local council. I used my passport photo from a couple of years ago - it’s the one were I look a typical ‘mug shot’ ready for jail! LOL!

Take care,



And I must add to my previous post:

This morning, a very nice person from my Council phoned, saying that they had my form, aveything was OK, and how did I want to pay. !!!

Of course, she caught me with the Copaxone Autoject in hand, my debit card is downstairs and I am not, so I have to get it and call her back. Now I wonder if the new BB will fit the holder that I have (that also carries the time wheel thingy) and whether it will look OK to a French parking attendant. Myrphy’s Law could strike even yet …


[/quote] why do you need to pay ?

Blue badges now cost about £10 depending on your council.

Yeah my first 1 was only £4 and they had them in my local disability store for immedite dispatch

I thought I had lost that so ordered another which cost £10 and had to wait 6 weeks for it to be posted to me, I found my first one a few days after I had lordered the new on doh…

Applying online for your Blue Badge there are tick boxes.One of them boxes asks are we allowed to contact/look at your housing benefit/council tax and how much DLA/Benefits you get via your housing benefit.

If you ticked NO to this question plus the others in the list then there for the council will ask you for more information such as award of benefit etc.

I ticked YES to the list of questions and there for have no need to send any hard evidence in.

There for Marty you are wrong.Your only asked for hard evicence if you DO NOT tick the boxes giving them permission to look at your benefits/claims/housing benift award…

I will warn you know that, whilst you can submit the form on line, not every Local Authority is geared up to link the boxes you tick with the information it holds. This means that you may still have to supply the details separately anyway.

For example, when I applied for my Blue Badge I applied on line and I ticked the box that allowed my Local Authority to check their own Council Tax records so that they could check that I was resident in their area. THEY COULDN’T DO IT!!! They phoned me the next working day to arrange an interview (I didn’t have Higher Rate DLA so I wasn’t automatically entitled) and they needed me to bring in my latest Council Tax bill and/or some other proof of address with me. They told me that they weren’t able to or even allowed to access the LA Council Tax or benefit records at all.

I like to apply for as much as I can on line because of speech and hearing issues but the UGov forms are TERRIBLE!!! They are bad enough with Government Departments (DVLA anyone?) but they are really, really bad trying to do a “one size fits all” portal that works with loads and loads of different local authorities throughout the country!

Britain on-line - they can kiss my … application.

I will ring them to see what is happening as I have not recived the Blue Badge yet.

On the bus pass I did get it a week and half later however it dont allow for a carer.

So I phoned them up and they said to send in the award letter with a note asking for an upgrade with carer symbol to be added.

Fingers crossed I am allowed the upgrade…


Im not on any benifits,and work partime,would i be able to claim for anything,dont know where i stand.

A number of things are available that are not means tested so they are available whether you are working or have savings etc. They are awarded on an assesment of your disability and the effect that it has on you.

A non-exhaustive list of non-means tested “benefits” potentially available to you would include:

DLA (Disability Living Allowance) - Care and Mobility components

Blue Badge (automatically entitled if you get DLA Higher rate mobility but you can also get one even if you don’t get DLA - I did)

Bus pass/travel pass (will depend on your local authority what criteria it applies and what the pass would cover - I live in London and we have “Freedom Passses” covering the Transport for London area that cover buses, tube and the overground. I don’t have one - can’t use public transport on my own - but I understand that the local London boroughs each have different criteria. I may be wrong about this though**.**

Disabled Person’s Rail Pass - like a student rail pass but gives a discount on (Inter City) rail fares for you and a carer. You pay for it but the savings are definitely worth it.

Reduced rate cinema tickets - there is a national scheme for this (I don’t have one of these cards so I’m not sure about eligibility or cost) but some cinema chains have their own scheme (eg my local VUE cinema gives me and my carer (ie my OH) 2 tickets for the price of 1 on presntsation of my Blue Badge or other proof of disability. Essentially my “carer” gets in for free)

I am sure that other posters will suggest some other things as well.

Personally, I would say that the most useful thing for me has been my Blue Badge. It would definitely be worth applying for one even if you don’t have a car yourself because if you are getting a lift from a friend you can use it whilst you are using the car. (It also exempts us from paying tolls on the Severn Bridge when we go to Wales which has saved us ££££££!)

Hello all,

I applied for a blue badge online last week, and got an automatic ‘no’. And still a ‘no’ when I rang the office to protest. Really hard, as I’d resisted applying until I felt I needed it. I can walk a few hundred metres… the first few hundred, and then no more, have been stuck on occasion and needed to call for back up when I’ve over-estimated how far I can get out and back. They don’t take this into account. I’m not receiving any DLA, but I pay through the nose to drive everywhere and park.

I felt so upset and angry about it, while these little jobsworths sit in their office and make up stupid rules about stuff that I’m sure doesn’t affect them personally. I can’t walk down to the bus stop and then off the bus in town and get to anywhere, then walk back home from the bus stop at the end of the journey. Completely impossible now. But hey, I can walk the first 200m, so that’s just fine?

Thinking of going to the CAB or somewhere to ask for advice… of course, the CAB is a bit of a treck from the nearest car-park…

Any advice?



Hi Charlie I have a BB I can puton my sticks so I don’t get a ticket. I have just applied for a bus pas and I am not as quick as the pensioners. Do you know if you get higher rate mobility and you partner has a car they use to take you out, and you do not have a car, you can get a isabled tax disk at a ost of £0. @ Lara-speak to social services and get them to visit you at home Mikr