Registered disabled??

Hi everyone I have been in the process of applying for income support and one of the questions asked is whether you are registered disabled, my answer to that was no as to the best of my knowledge I have not been registered and do not know how to go about doing this. A friend of mine has now told me that you are no longer registered as disabled and that this question should have been re-phrased or removed from the form. Does anyone know any more about this? Should my answer have been yes? Should I be registering in some way as disabled and if so how? All of these forms are new to me and very confusing. When I asked the man from the job centre whether he could clarify this for me his response was to shout down the phone “well are you disabled or not? You should know!”

Hi, that man on the phone needs some customer service training and some manners!

Do you receive DLA? This automatically registers you as disabled. But there isnt such a list as registered disabled`.

Do you have a blue badge? This also is a way of giving you the title.

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Thanks Poll. I do receive DLA and I have a blue badge so now I am not scared to say that I am disabled. I was worried for a while that if I said I was disabled but had not actually been registered then I would be punished! Ironically despit having DLA and a blue badge I am not entitled to buss pass as I do not receive the higher rate of the mobility component of DLA. And as for the horrible little man on the phone - I calmly asked to speak to his supervisor, he shouted again and them hung up on me! I called back in floods of tears and made a complaint. I’ve since received a call from the job centre telling me that they have reviewed the call and that the man involved will be taken through disciplinary proceedings. I’m guessing that’s not the only complaint they had about him! Zoex


The disability register was disbanded many years ago due to being seen as discrimination.

The Equalities Act covers people with MS as being discriminated against through disability, hence having ms would class us as being disabled so although there is no register we are classed as disabled.

Whilst you may not qualify for a Blue Badge / DLA you could safely say you are ‘disabled’.

I hope this helps.


Hi, I`m glad that has been cleared up for you. AND I love what is going to happen to the nasty man on the phone.

Just desserts indeed!

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