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ive had an assessment from social services , and they recommended I recieve direct payments, as Ive been refused dla, my social worker suggested I register as disabled, mainly so that i can get a blue badge

Hello. I started using Direct Payments last June. Just had a new care package which began on Monday, as I needed more hours.

Why have you been denied DLA? If DPs are recommended, then you obviously are in need of DLA. Are you gonna appeal?

re DPs, if you need any info/advice, do ask me, yeh?

At first look, it can seem like a minefiled. Takes a bit of understanding and getting used to, but it`s a great way of keeping some control of what happens to you.

Feel free to PM me, if you like.

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I had a disastrous dla tribunal 28th feb, and was refused on both mobility and care, even though i had an assessment from social sevices, social worker mentioned toda y getting me on the council diabled register hoping that will not only get me a blue badge and dla, I supposed to be getting DP for a carer 6 hrs a week and utensils for the house

I’m sure this has been raised before, and the consensus was that most councils (with the possible exception of Scotland) don’t have a “disabled register” any more. Receipt of DLA is taken as the proof you are disabled.

Now if you can’t get DLA, but your social worker is insisting there IS a disabled register you can sign-up to, perhaps you need to ask her where it is, and how you get on it.

Certainly, where I live, there doesn’t seem to be any such thing.


Hi, I don’t know anything about direct payments, Poll is the expert there, and I agree with Tina about a “disabled register”. However, it sounds to me like you need help to get dla sorted out somehow, perhaps speak to your gp, because surely if you need a carer for 6 hours a week, it implies that you have problems to such an extent that you should get dla. I really think you need to pursue dla. Cheryl:)

Disabled registration was scraped many years ago.

You can apply for a blue badge, without receiving any DLA.

Just obtain an application form from your local authority, complete as necessary, you need to include your GP on the form or your MS specialist nurse, this is necessary to back your application.

You can now download an application from many authorities.

Hope this is of help.

Take care.

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Yes, folk agree that if you need care, you need DLA. Just non sensicle otherwise, eh? Have you got your PA lined up yet?

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