care plan

OT have now sent me a social worker as they cant provide everything to meet my needs the social wprker states inow need a wheelchair pain is just to much to cope with when I walk, also she getting me 6 hrs a week for personal care, I still havent been awarded dla so how Im going to pay for all this I dont know

Hi, well has Direct Payments been mentioned at all? I began getting these in June and it is working really well.

A social worker came and awarded me 8 hours a week. I recently had an increase of a further 2 hours.

At first look, Direct Payments seems very complicated and daunting. But once everything is set in place, it`s great.

You have to be means tested to see if you have to pay anything towards the cost.

I am wondering why you don`t have DLA....or is it in the pipeline?

Is there anything else  can I tell you about?

luv Pollx 

Hi Lally, if it works the same way as it does up here in chilly Morayshire, there should be a financial assessment of your income, they will look at how much you will be able to afford and that will be the maximum you will have to pay.  Regardless if the package costs so much more, that is what you will pay.  In reality, they should be quite gentle on you,  An example, lets say you may be able to afford £25 per week, that should be what you pay - the fact that your package may cost £100, you will only pay that £25.

I would imagine the same should happen in your own area, hope that makes sense.  Once you get your DLA you would have to inform them of this change though.


Ive got to go to tribunal for dla, thats been 10onth of waiting, no support fro gp.

Are you getting the wheelchair from wheelchair services? Make sure that you are referred because you shouldn't have to pay for this yourself. Some areas have long waiting lists though.