Info re Direct Payments

Any knowledge of Direct Payments?

I understand to qualify, I have to employ someone, deduct N.I & tax and the employee can’t be a relative. Money can’t be used for cleaning and any payment is based on my own income.
I’m age 70, live with my ex husband (sleep in separate rooms - a long story).
He does ALL cleaning, cooking, shopping, driving too. He can’t be paid Carers Allowance as his own Pensions & savings exceed the limit.
I’m quite inactive and rely on him a lot. He’s 72 and could do with some help.
I receive 2 Company Pensions, State Pension & PIP both at enhanced rate.
Anyone have any idea if I can claim Direct Payments, I often mix facts up & confuse with other benefit Rules.
Thanks in advance

Hi, me again!
I’ve been on DPs for 12 years ish.
First you need to have a care assessment from Social Services. There is usually a waiting list, but tell them it’s urgent as your OH is struggling.

A Social Worker will do the assessment and come up with a number of how many hours they believe you need.

Then you have to find carers or an agency. If you do it and dont use an agency it is cheaper. Depending on what savings/property you have, you might have to pay a contribution.

I had nil to pay for years and then had to pay £40 a week when I went on to PIP. Somehow DLA wasnt taken into account. My contribution will increase a lot when our mortgage is paid off.

If you have your own carers, you become their employer. You will have a Payroll service, who do the carers’ wages. They deduct tax and insurance and pension scheme.

My carers (2) do all my personal care, toileting, light cleaning, and take me out, plus on short breaks. I have my own adapted car which they drive. I have 30 hours, plus 2 waking night sleeps.

All this gives my hubby much needed time off.

Is there anything else you’d like to ask?


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Thanks Bouds, I’ll need a bit of time to take this in.
If D.P is means tested we won’t qualify.
O.H is reluctant to have any help from outsiders :roll_eyes:. Thanks for fab info.
Chrissie xx


I’ve been on it for years. As Bouds says, you need to be assessed by social services. If you qualify, a care package will be agreed for how many hours someone can do, and the tasks they do. Mine is for 5 hours a week, to help with shopping, cooking and cleaning. The DP also incudes money to pay the admin costs for a company that process the time sheets/payslips and any tax stuff.

I’ve always employed friends, which has been great. It’s definitely been a great help for me, with little effort needed from me


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Cheers Dan & Bouds, I hadn’t realised dwp deal with the faffing of tax, N.I & employment of someone I choose. It will be a great help if I qualify.
My O.H & I are age 72 & 70, we both have poor health & I’ve asked him to apply for Attendance Allowance. He has health struggles too; Diabetes 2, Atrial Fibrillation & high b.p. He cooks, cleans, shops & drives me around
Financially, we’re lucky with savings, investments, Company Pensions, Private AVC’s pensions, State Pensions & I also recieve both enhanced rates for PIP Care & Mobility Pip due to ppms.
We’re fortunate to own 2 mortgage free detached bungalows, 1 of which will raise decent capital when sold this year.
This is just facrs and a result of my career of being a Licenced, independent Financial Consultant up to 2002 worked very well. Gains from the property sale, savings & investments all help us to be financially secure but poor health limits our planned world wide holidays and experiences.
If D.Ps are means tested, doubt I’ll meet the criteria, but I’ll contact Staffs Moorlands Soc.Serv. for advice.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Thanks again, Chrissie C XX

Hi Chrissie
To clarify, it’s not the DWP who assist with the tax etc though. I meant the Direct Payment ,(DP, not DWP) includes money to cover the admin fees. Processing time sheets etc gets dealt with by a company called Penderels

Hope that makes sense :slightly_smiling_face:

It does Dan, thanks.

All a bit of a minefield & off putting, but I’ll call someone at D.P first to see if I meet the criteria to qualify and how to go about applying.

Cheers, Chrissie x

Just been through all this earlier this week. Of course I live in Scotland so the rules may differ where you are. I am getting DP but it’s for personal care as I have fallen in the shower a few times. The carers don’t actually have to help me shower but need to be there just in case. My sister is going to do it and, up here, as personal care is non contributory it doesn’t matter what my income is. There are also new rules which state that it doesn’t matter if the named carer lives in the same house. So, everything is pretty straightforward here, hopefully you get it sorted soon.