Direct Payments?

Hi…does anyone receive direct payments…what do use them for…what is the eligibility criteria… rates…sorry but think I Should have being getting yonks ago!

Hi Rose

I’ve had it for a few years. I use it so someone can do things like cleaning, shopping, cooking, picking up prescriptions, and any other odd jobs or errands. I couldn’t tell you what the eligibility criteria are, as it will probably vary depending on your local social services. I had a social worker assess me, and look at what needs I had and the things I wanted help with, and how many hours a week I needed help for. The money then gets paid into an account each month. This will cover the salary (it’s £7.50 an hour where I am), holiday pay, and things like employers liability insurance. My carer fills out a timesheet every 4 weeks and sends it to an organisation called Penderels Trust. They process the timesheet & send me a payslip so I know how much to pay. Penderels will also sort out all the tax stuff, so there’s very little I have to do or think about.

I think it’s a great idea. It’s meant I’ve always been able to employ someone I know, which I would much rather have than someone from an agency. Speak to your local social services to find out more, or get your MS nurse to refer you.

Hope that helps.



Hi Dan has given you good info.

I have been on DPs for 3 years and find my help invaluable.

My money pays for 3 carers. 2 are on the books and 1 is self employed.

Mine get £9.12p an hour, before tax.I ring in their hours every 4 weeks.

I chose my own carers, from recommendations and friends.

I have 1 carer who gets me up, showers and dresses me 6 mornings a week. If she has time she does some light housework. She also does 1 sleepover.

My other 2 carers take me out and on holiday. Plus 1 does a sleepover.

All this help gives my hard pressed hubby a break, as he cares for me almost 24/7.

Your needs are decided by a social worker, who visits you at home.

Ring for an assessment, eh?

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