Direct Payments for Carer (ms)

Good afternoon all (Cant carriage return for next line sorry) I have been awarded 6 hours a week direct payments so I can get a break from my caring role. However something puzzles me about it…They say you cannot use it for personal carer of the cared for person but if I were to go out for a few hours and he wanted to go to toilet is that to say nobody could help him? Many Thanks

Bump up from me. Sue

Bump up from me. Sue

Hi I think (Poll) Boudica might be able to help you on this one Sue x

I would be bemused too - surely that is exactly what it is for?! Does the following help, perhaps? Personal budgets for social care - NHS Alison

Hello lushcaz

I’m looking forward to Poll or someone answering this question. I don’t know much about direct payments, so the question your asking is confusing to me

Hi, well I know a couple of folk are looking to me for an answer, but I too am foxed!

It makes no sense!

You`re a carer…yeh?

You`ve been awarded 6 hours off from caring and are being paid by DPs, yeh?

Are you the only carer for the disabled person?

So how can the disabled person be left alone…I couldnt be…as I never know when I need the loo!!!

I use DPs to pay for 3 carers, other than my main carer, who is my husband, who lives with me. He lost his Carer`s Allowance when he turned 65 last year…so has he stopped caring for me? As if!

I was told you cannot use DPs to pay anyone who lives with you.

I am guessing you mustve had a Carers Assessment, yeh? So when the clever dick who decided on this, didnt he o she wonder about the person you look after being left alone?

SOrry if I am making this more complex, but it is a conundrum, isnt it?

luv Pollx