Anyone on Direct Payments_some guidance please


I hope you are all well on the eve of the BH

Does anyone know about Direct Payments? Is it means tested? I have no assets but I am on the mortgage and make payments toward it, am medically retired with no savings, get benefits ib/dla. OH has pension he pays into and balance is quite modest, no savings.

Sorry for anon but I am struggling, my OH is really exhausted with full time work and full time caring and I need help being independent, doesnt qualify for carer allowance. I see some get help with this with Direct Payments and wondered if anyone can guess if I would qualify or point me in the right direction so I can check?

Thankyou for any replies.

I have no idea why this came up Tulip anon!

I can’t remember if it is means tested but I think it is.

I would ring the Benefit Enquiry Line (BEL) 0800 882200. Although it is not a general allowance; it is paid by your Council; they would be able to advise.

Just out of interest; you probably have but check your house insurance and see if it covers ‘critical Illness.’ MS is so put in a claim; big bucks.


The best person I know to ask is Poll



Yes, Poll (ms43) uses this and could answer your questions.



Thanks for your replies.

Unfortunately, I am not officially diagnosed, George. Even if we have critical illness through household insurance would a claim from an undiagnosed person be considered? The money would certainly come in useful.

Pam and Pip. I will wait since its a BH, perhaps Poll will see this. If not I will contact her.

Thanks again,

Tu anon lololol :wink: boy, am I easily amused!

Direct payments like DLA are not means tested, but ask Poll and she will aim you inthe right direction

Thanks Anon


Tu anon

Hi, here I am to try to help you with your DP questions.

Yes, it is means tested. Let me tell you how it went for me.

First I had to speak to Gateway to Care…ie social services. Then a social worker came…there was quite a wait, but can`t remember how long now.

social worker asked why I wanted DPs. I said it was because my hubby was caring for me full time, single handed and his arthritis was giving him so much pain. he would wince when helping me and i knew we needed outside help. h`ed done everything on his own for 11 years. I was able to do less and less as my condition rapidly progressed.

Anyway, the social worker said I could have 8 hours a week paid help. I already had asked my sis if she wanted to do it. My first wish was to go swimming once a week. Then I spoke to a friend who had a really good PA, who was looking for more hours.

Both sis and this new lady were on stand-by.

Then the means test person came. She wanted to see bank statements, proof of income. We had no savings and live on DLA, Incap benefit, Carers allowance and 2 works pensions.

I was told I had to pay £40 a week towards the cost…what? £40? I only want to go swimming once a week I said. Then I was asked if we paid full council tax and a mortgage/rent. I said yes. She did another calculation and said my contribution was nil!!!

Fab news. That was back last year in June. Since then, my disability has worsened quite a bit, as I am now hoisted, as well as use a wheelie full time and need a profiling bed with an air circulating mattress.

I now have 16 3/4 hours, plus one sleepover a week. Hubby really enjoys the benefits of this help…me too!

I have a carer come in 7 mornings a week, to get me up, showered and dressed. 2 other carers take me out twice a week.

Its a wonderful set up and I cant think how we managed (we didn`t) before.

So, has this helped you at all? Need to know more? Please ask.

luv Pollx

ps your live in carer (spouse…can earn around £100 a week and still claim ca…it`s about £55 a week)

No you must be diagnosed, if you not claim when and if you are. Perhaps the only thing to look forward to with a diagnosis; a big cheque.

Hi, as you know , I am not diagnosed, so that isnt right, im afraid.

luv POllx

Apologies george, just re read the blog and see I misunderstood you. You meant to claim for mortgage, you need a dx. I thought you meant to claim DPs. Very sorry!

luv Pollx


Thanks Poll. I really do appreciate you taking time to share your experience with DP process. And, for letting me know the first step is talking with SS. SO happy you and your husband are able to get some help.

George, thanks anyhow. This is only one of the many good reasons for having an actual diagnosis, limbo sucks and so do mortgages. So, 12 years and counting waiting for a diagnosis, FFS.

Still, its good info and perhaps others who would not have considered this will now check their homeowners insurance!

Tu x