Direct Payments.....

Hi Everyone, the handle’s Minxie ( not that I am in any way minx like ) and, though I’m new to the forum I’m certainly no stranger to SPMS, which I’ve had, on a downward spiral, for the last ten years, though I am not going to moan about it to you all - you’ve got enough on your collective plates already! I am, however, seeking your sage advice. I’ve recently been approved for Direct Payments from local social services; my mother ( god bless her sainted cotton socks) is my primary carer, and doesnt live with me, but travels over everyday to help where she can given her own difficulties. Obviously, I would like to be able to offer her some form of renumeration for all her dedication, but I am concerned that she may loose benefits herself; whilst I realise she cannot loose her pension, my father recieves carer’s allowance to help her look after her own health needs; were I to pay her, would this benefit be affected? If this is the case I would rather seek agency help ( though, being a private person, I’d rather not depend on strangers) Many thanks in advance, Minxie x :slight_smile:

Hi Minxie…hmm…could be a problem.

I have used Direct Payments for just over 2 years and it`s a great way getting extra help.

My hubby was my sole carer for many years, but his own health issues can be quite severe.

Your`s is a tricky situation. This is my opinion of how things may go. it could turn our differently.

As your mum is already someone being cared for with CA, then it could be viewed that she is unfit to look after someone else. Do you see what I mean by that? I dont mean to cause any offence there.

So it may be advisable to recruit a different carer who receives payment.

Like you, I didnt fancy strangers coming in to do personal care. But I got a lady recommended by some else who employed her. we are now the best of friends! I wouldnt like to use an agency (unless I had no other choice), as different carers could come and not always at the time you`d prefer.

Good luck with whatever happens.

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