Disabled Persons Railcard

Maybe everyone knows this already, but until recently I had no idea that MS qualifies people for a disabled persons railcard.

I saw something on the MS Society website and applied on Thursday. Today I got a message to say it is in the post. £54 for three years and qualifies you, and another person, to 1/3 off fares (at any time of day).

The online form is a bit confusing because you may not be able to choose one of their eligibility options. So I just selected the first one and attached my diagnosis letter with a note.

If I had done this before, I could have saved most of the £54 just this week!

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Brilliant! I’d looked at the card before but, because I don’t fit any of the tick box options, had assumed that I didn’t qualify. Just need to get a letter from my GP and start applying. Thanks so much for the heads up.


You can use your Tesco vouchers too.

£1 in vouchers = £3 to spend

Think cards are £30 but disabled ones are £20.

Great advice. I applied for my card this morning and it was approved within a couple of hours. Wish I had known about this earlier.


I’ve had one for the last 11 years. It’s how I get around the country.

I even had one before I had to use a wheelchair.

Along with the disabled bus pass, it’s given me a new freedom.