Disabled Persons Railcard

Hi there, I’m still banging on about optic neuritis I’ve had for about 3.5 months now, with a period of vision back to near fine after steroids but now back to as bad as was in first place. Nerves not inflamed any longer however and I can read and see colours, but for me using computer as I am now is torture and really difficult to see/deal with the light, anyway…

I was just looking at the eligibility of the disabled persons railcard and I saw this was a criteria:

'Are registered as having a visual impairment}

1-Social Services official stamp in the space allocated on the downloadable form if applying online or on a paper application form

2-A copy of your Certificate of Visual Impairment (CVI), BP1 Certificate (Scotland) or BD8 Certificate for being registered blind or partially-sighted’

Does optic neuritis come under this umbrella and would I be able to get one of these certificates? Just wondered if anyone else had one. Or because optic neuritis is in theory meant to be temporary would I not qualify?

I’m still working part time and know I’m not eligible for PIP at moment.

Cheers folks! xx


To be honest, I don’t know whether ON would count. I guess it depends on whoever provides the stamp or forms that are needed, and whether they’re happy do endorse it. You’ll be best off speaking to your MS nurse and see what they say.


If the ON is due to MS you would qualify for a disabled rail card.

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See the site:

Thanks folks, I see MS Nurse and neuro on Monday so will see what they say (no pun intended!) x