Disability railcard

Hi, there are a few posts on here explaining that a disability railcard is granted if you have MS regardless of their eligibility criteria shown on the website.

I thought id apply for one as I struggle to drive long distance and the fatigue gets the better of me

This is not the case as I was rejected via email explaining that I did not meet the criteria on their website.

The posts pops up first on a google search for “MS disabled railcard”

I think those particular posts need to be deleted as it can be a little missing leading for people.

Hi I have a disabled rail card (MS). I rang customer service and explained I did not meet the criteria on the application form. I was told to tick any box even if it did not apply to me and to enclose medical evidence of my condition/disability. I received my rail card within four days. Reapply! Good luck.


I applied and sent a copy of letter from my consultant and I was turned down for a railcard