Hi, I need a holiday but kinda need a carer with me to help with some situations. I’m 23 and I need to escape the life I’m living at the mo. the same routine all the time - bord Does anyone know of an organisation that would provide a carer and take me abroad? Somewhere hot or maybe a cruise? Would appreciate some advice please :slight_smile:

Have you spoken to the care company who provide your current care? or you ms nurse? I dont know about abroad but im sure you can trips out which would be a change of scenery at least.

Good Luck


Phone the MS helpline, they may well have some contacts you could pursue. I know someone who has direct payments and she can use the money for whatever help she likes, including someone to take her out and go on holiday. She employs carers herself. I dont think they are means tested.

Yes, there are several companies who offer care with hols. Just google the subject.

luv Pollx

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Hi Dan, here is the section on short holidays and respite care from this site… it includes practical and financial help:

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