Time away

Hi Janice again, can anyone help me I have put in for some financial help to get away for a few days, and ms got back to me very quickly, all I have to do is fill in a form and get a letter from my doctor to say it would be beneficial for me.

problem I do not know where to go, how I would get there, as I will have to go on my own, life’s been really hard for a long time for me and I just need a few days to get away from my life, but am too scared to go away on my own.

what can I do, I do not care where I go I just need time away just to relax, read, just time for me

help please

Yep, that`s a great idea. There are sometimes respite centres not too far from where you live.

Google the subject. They might even lay on transport for you, so you dont have to travel alone.

Hope it works out. Sounds like you really need this.


hi janice

see if the ms society can help.

a respite break would be excellent.

carole x