Holiday is coming - advice

On Sunday I am going on my first holiday since I was diagnosed, i luckily other than very weedy hand/arm strength and numb hands and fingers luckily at present I don’t have many issues, as long as I don’t drink too much tea before the long drive .

I am a little nervous as heat seems to be mentioned as a cause of issues. ( the recent uk warm weather passed me by as I

work in a air con place & live in a ‘old house’ which does not get hot.

Also is their anything I should be thinking about ?

Yes just relax take it easy and enjoy your holidy

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where you gadding off to

enjoy your gad!


Relax and joy!


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Lucky you,

I bought some hot weather cooler and cool wrap for Barcelona. Didn’t need them.

To late to send you them!!

Take a face cloth and keep it wet in a sealed bag. Take out and put on your forehead, pule points to cool off.

Eat lots of ice lollies!!

Have fun.

Jen x

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Hi Sarah

I suffer in the heat (even here in sunny west midlands!) so my advice is:

don’t go out in the midday sun (a le Noel Coward),

plenty of cold water to drink (not sweetened or fizzy drinks),

use a sun shade of some sort,

loose clothing, cotton not man made fibre

wet face cloth in a cool bag,

sun screen,

don’t go for long walks till evening,

don’t go rock climbing!

Enjoy your holiday, where are you off to?


Ok, I will give the rock climbing a miss ! . Not sure why, I was just excited but as it gets closer I am getting a bit nervous.

aw sarah, you know that you WILL be going so try to enjoy the anticipation.

hubby is going to book Goa for us and i’m scared of the heat.

but on the other hand the cold makes me feel rubbish too.

carole x

You can buy such things as Ice Towels, which you put in water and become instantly icy cold and stay that way for a while. Not sure how long as I bought one when it was hot here. By the time it came the weather had cooled a bit and I live in an older house that is always quite cool (in temperature terms only!). Or Magicool spray which works well to cool you down.

Have you been to India before Carole? It’s brilliant, I’ve not been to Goa, (OH has a few times and loves it). I’ve only been to Bangalore, but we are debating going back for his 65th birthday in January. Just got to decide where.

And everywhere you go, hotels are air conditioned so you don’t get too hot.


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thanks sue

i’m very much looking forward to it and the air conditioned hotel!

first i have to go to liverpool to sort our passports.

it’s just a train ride from wigan but i’m more nervous about that than going to india.

ah well a challenge will help keep me on my toes.

…now a pirouette and jetee…

carole x

Now all packed so excitement kicked back in . Just today to get through (last day at work before hol trying to make sure I don’t forget to do anything).

Pills all packed. Advice taken (ways to stay cool). Hope you all have a good next couple of weeks. Just realised I will miss you guys (I don’t go on line when on hol). Thankyou everyone who has given me advice over the last few months. It’s great to feel people want to help and the knowledge and understanding is amazing.

Bon voyage Sarah, have a fab holiday :slight_smile:

Theres a reason they invented the siesta. In the heat of the day - after lunch, just go to that air con room and collaapse!! Feel much better later on. Don’t kid yourself you GOT to do this that and t’other.

Swimming is good as well, so get some of that in!

India or Goa - sounds like a brilliant idea, wherever you go , I hope you both have an excellent time.


Sarah - I hope you have an absolutely fab time. Mick

Hi, I had a good holiday. I was determined. . Madira is not somewhere I would recommend to anyone with walking challenges, it is very very hilly and to get the most of it the ability to walk miles including steep ups and down would be helpful. But it was warm (perfect temp, like the best uk summer day). The two weeks also gave me the oppotunity to push my hubby a little on how he felt about me having ms. A positive mental attitude is all I need ! Ok, I have worked out that he prefers to put his head in the sand. Yes he wants to be supportive & helpful, but getting him to really talk just won’t be happening. At least I know.

It is so so good to come on here and to communicate with people who are not scared to talk.

Husbands can be like that (ie preferring to have their heads firmly tucked under one wing rather than talk!) but if he is anything like mine, he may not want to talk about MS and stuff, but he is still a tower of strength.

I’m so glad you had a good holiday.


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Sarah i am glad youhad a good holiday. As a bloke I can confirm that we as a gender tend to process thoughts and feelings and how we share them in many different ways.I can share stuff in the anonymity of places like this web forum. Things I would never discuss with my mates, no matter how close we might be. I found this site and " " very valuable. All the best Mick

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Great to hear about your holiday. Would love some nice warm weather for the next 5 months!!