advice for the heat

hi everyone

hope all is well and you are all happy and as well as can be expected.

to cut to the chase, we are going to greece on wednesday for 10 days, for our long-overdue holiday (cancelled in 2013 due to my dad’s death; cancelled 2014 due to my first/diagnosing relapse) which we are REALLY looking forward to.

does anyone have any good advice for dealing with the heat? i have a large hat, plenty of loose clothing, lots of paracetamol and antihistamines but would very much appreciate if anyone can please contact me with any other ideas.

speak soon, fluffyollie xx

I do not go hot places very often, but insist on either proper air-conditioning or at least a shady room with lots of openable windows that is high up enough to catch the sea breezes. In Cyprus last year the second option worked well - late morning I would retire to my lovely cool room and stay there until (sometimes with a brief foray for lunch, sometimes room service) before emerging a late-afternoon swim and looking forward to a balmy evening in the company of the rest of our party. They had been doing their own thing during the heat of the day, but it was well-understood that I would not be involved.

I felt a dreadful philistine, not trekking round gorgeous and wonderful ancient sites in the blazing sun, but must accept that I have reached my lifetime dose for that sort of thing - a little early. I had a lovely time, by the way.

Enjoy your holiday.



The only advice i can give is stay out of the sun from 1pm to 4pm maybe later. I would die in Greece right now lol. I was brought up in hot countries and you never ventured out from 12pm onwards sometimes as late as 5pm, and then it was still hot. We would get up early and do all our swimming and stuff then have lunch, then essential siesta.

You could have bought a cooling vest to take with you.

Just make sure you have plenty of air circulating in your rooms.

Some people are fine with the heat with MS, and others suffer badly.

Just with our weather it wiped me out and caused loads of pain for me sadly.

One thing to remember the heat there is so different to the heat here ok.

Just enjoy yourself but keep out of the sun at its worse heat. Drink loads of water. Go safe enjoy.


Even without MS it is not recommended to go around in the blazing sun only daft British do that lol… you were very sensible hun. I have seen some terrible sunburns and sick people on holiday sadly. Even without MS when we were in Malta we were up and out by 8am as it was over 100F by lunchtime. That was before I got sick. We stayed in restaurant had our lunch (nice and cool air conditioning lol) then siesta and then out again for late afternoon for a cool stroll on the beach and evening dinner. I didnt fancy getting sun stroke lol…

I think you were very very very wise hun.


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Stay in the shade or sit in the pool, if possible have a siesta, only browse the shops on an evening. Most of all have a fabulous time.

Jan x

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Hello Fluffieollie,

Keep yourself cool, so do things like wear a wet T-shirt or a wet bandana, drink lots of water, stay in the shade and take cool showers. You might be lucky and not be affected by the heat.

Personally I get Uhtoff’s syndrome if my body temperature goes 1 degree C above normal then ny legs shut down and I am totally paralysed. A good sleep and I am back to normal. It does mean that I can no longer bask in the sunshine, bummer

Enjoy but be careful.


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I bought some wrist bands from Amazon reasonably priced. You soak them in cold water for five mins then they keep you nice and cool for a bit. But don’t be stupid like me I thought I would put them back in water a few days later and left them for five mins not thinking they had already been soaked and they swelled so much They wouldn’t bend round my wrists!!! Had to wait days for them to shrink. Also they go a bit smelly with them been damp all the time! I’ve not tried washing them yet. They are good and even if you just use them for your hold there well worth the price

dear all

many thanks for the advice- being half hispanic i am a bit of a heat monster but realise that greece is still quite a hot place. thanks also for kind wishes

speak to you in august xx