Holiday is coming - advice

Give it time, Sarah. You both have tough stuff to be processed right now; you are dealing with your stuff in your way; he is dealing with his stuff in his. You’re different people and approaching it from different angles, but that’s OK. It’s a long road you’re both on and there is plenty of time for both of you to mull things over and perhaps come to think differently about how you approach things. In the meantime, try not to feel lonely.

At the risk of sounding (and being) dreadfully sexist, he has a Y chromosome and you don’t, and his response sounds to me very typical of good men everywhere! And hurrah for good men. :slight_smile:


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Hi, so glad you enjoyed your trip. Noted it re hills!

My hubby cooks me the most gorgeous meals, repairs anything before I’ve quite finished breaking it, will build anything to help me…


Will be ask how I am…,or stay in the same room as me long enough for me to complete a sentence?

No, will be thump! Can’t do emotions or talking! Suppose that’s asking too much!



Hi Sarah. Glad that you had a good holiday. Thanks for the heads-down (is that even a proper expression?) about Madeira. I was thinking about it briefly for a holiday destination but I think I saw somewhere that it’s rather hilly and therefore crossed it off my mental list. Same with Mykonos…

I’ve come unstuck with holidays in the heat this year and in fact we’re off again soon which is great except that it’s hotter than I would have liked (Seville). If I run into problems again that’s it, and it’ll be Iceland in future

My MS problems started about three years ago and it took a few months to get dxd. I was told that it was RRMS but probably it’s become SPMS. I am deteriorating very slowly from three years ago but I’ve learnt (I think) to ask my husband for help now and to be upfront with him. I just have to prevent him being over-protective (IMO) but as he’s been with me when I’ve fallen I think it makes him feel that way. Different species, men!

Louise x