Holiday was booked /Heat- Cancel?

I have recently been diagnosed with ms and i’m already struggling. A couple of months ago I booked a holiday for the family to go to Greece. Would it be wise to cancel because of the heat?

Hi Oceanblue,

This is a decision only you can make, but personally, I’d be very loath to cancel a holiday because of recent diagnosis. One of the first things I did was GO on holiday - because I needed a boost - not start cancelling things.

Do you know for sure that you’re affected by heat? Not everybody is! I’m much worse in the type of cold we’re having now. So unless you’re absolutely sure you’re affected in that way, I wouldn’t be too hasty to cancel, without going once, to find out.

Also, what’s the position with the money? Are you insured against cancelling for health reasons, or would the price be a write-off? I know money’s not everything, but if you would stand to lose a lot, I’d certainly be tempted to go, and hope for the best.

The problem with MS is you don’t know what’s OK, unless you try it once. If you start cancelling everything, you’ll never know if it would have been alright.



Some people do react badly to the heat but I personally find a period of “bone warming” to be very therapeutic. I have holidayed in the Med for years with my MS and enjoyed it. I find humidity hard to cope with so Florida tends to wipe me out (doesn’t stop me going though!)

If you take it easy – build in plenty of rest time and drink lots you should be fine. If you find the heat makes you struggle then don’t go again but goodness don’t cancel just because it might be a problem.


I had the same dilemma last year - diagnosed April, holiday booked for June (booked nearly a year earlier!). We decided to go and everything was fine. In fact, the relaxation, sunshine and getting away from it all did me the world of good. If you took out your insurance before diagnosis you should be fully covered if anything does happen out there anyway. Heat doesn’t affect everyone. I’m worse going from hot to cold and vice versa, so my only problems were a few leg cramps when going from sunbed to comparatively cooler pool! I would personally go for it - you can’t put life on hold completely! We’re going away again in July and for longer, and I’ll certainly be booking again next year! Enjoy!

Thanks so much for your replies. You’ve all helped me to feel more confident. Thank you.

Hi Oceanblue, I think you will be absolutely fine. As others have said on here heat does not affect everybody me included. If it is any help we went on holiday to Greece three weeks after I came out of hospital after being diagnosed. Like you we thought about cancelling because I was in a wheelchair and couldn’t walk at all plus had an indwelling catheter. We found it not too much of a problem the only thing as far as wheelchair users are concerned is the kerbs are very high and you only seem to walk a few yards on the pathway before you come across a tree planted in the middle of it so you are constantly having to go down kerbs into the road to avoid them. Hope this helps and you have a great holiday. We are off to Cyprus in 2 weeks. Anne x.

I think the heat business depends on where and the time of year your going, also the humidity. I’ve been abroad a few times since diagnosis and been fine. Funnily enough the only time heat affected me was when we got a hot month a few years ago in this country but it felt stuffy hot…that’s the type of heat that gets me and the one where its hot and sticky in the night. I think you’ll be fine, I certainly wouldn’t cancel. The sun does many msers good too. I’m no good in really hot temps but think that’s due to me being a redhead not the m.s. at the end of the day you won’t know until you try. Just ensure your well hydrated (water not wine, although you could alternate them. Haha). Have a great holiday, better chance of sun there than here. Abroad is going to be our destination next year for certain. Xxx


as has already been said, don’t assume the heat will affect you badly

but the part of greece were we stayed just before my diagnosis was very hilly

normally that wouldnt have bothered me but i met my friend fatigue there and he never went away!

enjoy your holiday

carole xx


I do well in the heat - I went to Greece last year, first hol since dx, and it was fab! The heat seemed to melt away my achs and pains.

This winter, I’ve been suffering really badly with the cold, and can’t get warm. Wish I was back in Greece!!

I would echo what everyone else says - you’ve got to give it a go! Have a great time!

Maria x