Holiday insurance

Morning all!

I’ve read a few posts on EL about holiday insurance and various places to try but I wondered if anyone had any idea approximately how much more it cost compared with pre-diagnosis. As we don’t have relapses I was hoping we might be a bit cheaper than those with RRMS!

We’re thinking about planning a few holidays over the next year to 18 months. It’s our 25th wedding anniversary this year and we had been saving up to go on our dream holiday to New Zealand. We feel thatnow unfortunately I wouldn’t manage this but are considering the Canadian Rockies and the Norwegian fjords as they were our other dreams.

I can’t remember who posted it but this week I read that if someone had known what Year 3 was going to be like that they’d have taken full advantage of Years 1 and 2. It struck a chord as in February this year I was totally unaware of what was going to happen and walked around London without any problems. At the beginning of April I walked around a country park (Fountains Abbey for any Northerners) with ease. My emergency Neuro appointment was at the beginning of May when my walking had reduced to 30 minutes and I now use a stick and also a wheelchair for anything over 10-15minutes!

So I’m sure you can understand why we want to fulfill some of our dreams. As I’ve just started the process of medical retirement I want something to look forward to - also for the 1st time in 15 years I don’t have to worry about having to go in school holidays


Take Care everyone,

Sarah xx

HI Sarah, I certainly think we should take advantage of today… who knows about tomorrow? Applies to everyone though… MS or not. I personally haven’t got the energy to think about travelling very far these days… but I travelled a lot when I was younger so feel very lucky about that. Last night I watched a documentary on telly about the Great Barrier Reef… fantastic… and thought, well I’ll never go there, so am very thankful to be able to watch it in such detail on the box!

I know the MS Society do travel insurance so have a look elsewhere on this site for details. I doubt if we are any cheaper than RRMS… would think they clump all MSers in the same boat (excuse mixed metaphor). So I suggest you re-post on EL where you will get bigger response.

By the way, have you thought about a cruise? I have thought it would be a holiday I could handle. I’ve read that most modern ships are accessable, and you have the huge advantage of sleeping in the same cabin every night… ie only unpacking and packing once… and by sitting on deck you have an ever-changing view. You mention the Norwegian fjords and I know there are cruises there. Apparently the main problem for disabled people is that some of the harbours etc are not accessable, so you might miss out on some of the places where they land (sorry I know there’s a word for that but can’t think of it!).

Good luck. Great idea!

Pat x

Thanks Pat, I’ll do that.

I’d always thought I didn’t like the idea of cruises. I’m quite unsociable really and like to keep myself to myself if you know what I mean! However, the Canadian tour we are looking at has 2 or 3 different hotels in the 1st week and the 2nd is a cruise in Alaska which sounds quite appealing. I think it would be relaxing after the pace of the 1st week and we could do as much or as little as we wanted. You can even have your own little balcony for a price. I was keen until I saw it was an extra £500 each!!

It all depends on how quickly my retirement is processed. Financially, I probably need to know my settlement figure before I go spending it all! It’s exciting looking into possibilities though - I’m enjoying looking at all the brochures I’ve ordered!

And yes, the Barrier Reef programme was lovely, I like to watch things like that too.

Sarah x