Holiday insurance help

I took out annual insurance for my upcoming holiday and have subsequently been asked to join an MS research study, I rang the insurance company to ask if they would still insure me if I join the study but they said categorically No! Does anyone have any recommendations for holiday insurance companies. I have PPMS

Also have PPMS, have insured with Staysure for my last 3 holidays. They market themselves as specialists in travel insurance for people with pre-existent conditions. Running through a comparator, they also were best or nearly-best prices each time. Notably, the last one was an annual policy, whereas the first two were single-trip.

Declaration of interest: if you insure with them after receiving a recommend-a-friend link, you both get a reward: extra discount for the insuring party and a voucher for the recommender. So if you want to do it, message me!

I also use Staysure for our annual travel insurance policy and they are aware of my ms.
Take care

Thanks both CGCK and 2Wks, I really appreciate your responses. Sadly the insurance I took out is with Staysure and they have told me that they will not insure me at all if I sign up to the study. I have asked the study if I can delay joining the trial until after my holiday but I await their decision and am not at all hopeful :disappointed:. Cheers again for the help. All the best on your MS journey too!