Hips dont lie

Does anyone else get hip joint pain, sitting down to long can leave me in pain so long car journeys can be out of the question now, getting up and my joints just dont want to move and the pain is horrible. I have never read anything about hip pain and if other people get the same feeling.

Yes I get hip pain after sitting for to long but, I also have osteoporosis in my hip and I put the pain down to that.

Yes I had very bad hip and knee pain before my diagnosis. Either my diet or amitriptyline has helped it a lot.

I get shoulder, hip and knee pain…also one of me feet feels like I’m being given a ‘Chinese Burn’ on the top of it. I’ve not been dx yet though…not had an MRI yet. The neuro seems to think I’ve got either Fibro or ME…

Yes mine can be very stiff esp. after my weekly injection, stretching exercises help!

Thanks for your replies glad I am not alone.

Hi, now i wonder if my experience is of help to you and anyone else suffering with hip joint pain?

Years ago, when I was still walking, I had to swing my left leg out from the hip, in order to stop my footdrop from tripping me up.

Physio said that was the cause. She tried to re-train me in how to walk. Wasn`t too successful…hence walker, then wheelie…now wheelie full time.

So have you thought about FES, if foot drop is a problem, or other waliking aids?

Just a thought.

luv Pollx