a while ago I had great support from this forum, Ive now been dx with fibro and syringmyelia, syrinx are agrowing, so I now see a neuro surgeon at walton. I now have a full care package, home adaption starting any time soon, I have a great PA wheelchairs the whole bundel, and I finally got dla high rate for both, after over 4 yrs of trying and 1 tribunal I finally won, xx

Hi Lally Glad you have all the support and benefits that you are due. Take care - hope both conditions are stable and that you have all the meds you need. Teresa xx

Hi Lally… lovely to see you!

Great you got everything you need… finally… although sorry to hear about dx… just googled it and doesn’t sound like fun! However it’s always better to know the name of the monster in your life.

Brilliant you got DLA and not before time!

Pat xx

Hi Lally

thats awesome news. Glad you won the fight for DLA and got diagnosed. At least you can get the medical and financial help you need now.

So pleased :slight_smile:



Hello again :slight_smile: SO glad to hear that the system is finally on your side :slight_smile: Karen x

its a touh life to aacept but you all know about that, main point is dont give in, I knew I was ill, but had that many wrong dx, always read everything, send for copies of everything,as for, the dla it was great news, made my life one hell of a lot easier, with everything now in place, my hubbies started a new business which is going well., so to those starting on the long road, push my lovlies for your rights and demand an answer x

Hi Lally, lovely to see back again.

So glad you got the DLA and lots of help.

Look after yourself.

Hope hubby`s business continues to go well.

luv Pollx