hi everyone,

it’s finally happened, i’ve been awarded DLA.

took them 4 mths to come round to the idea but we got there in the end!!

fair play though, they backdated it and i got £1200, shame our bill’s were also backdated too!!!

anyway just thought i’d put some good news on here!!



Brilliant news Ben!!!

Well done you,

Pat x

Great news Ben. I’m waiting for a decision on my claim and if I don’t get it, I’ll cyberly hate you. (if that’s a word)

Fantastic news Ben, must be a weight off your mind!


Wonderful news Ben, If memory serves…didn’t you say you might try LDN if you were awarded DLA? Good luck if you do…I’m now about two months in and still seeing small improvements. Best wishes, Nina

That`s fab news!

luv Pollx

Great news Ben weight of you mind I’m sure Steve

Well done Ben, did you have to appeal or did you get it on first application.

had to begin appealing then they had a change of heart!!!


So you mean they actually DO have a heart afterall?

luv Pollx