my dx

today i finally got a dx of fibro, the rhuemmy was very surprised I hadnt been dx before I scored 17 out of 18 tender points, so for me for now the journeys over, or perhaps just beginning

Hi Lally

sorry about your diagnosis but glad you’ve got some answers now. I’m sure your emotions are on a bit of a rollercoaster at the moment - take some time to digest everything.

Best of luck



Hello Lally xxxxxxxx where have they been??

Hopefully now you will be given treatment that will ease the nightmare a bit xxxxjenxxx

Hi Lally, do give yourself time to let the news sink in. Are you going to be given some meds to help?

Take a deep breath and look after yourself, yeh?

luv Pollx

Oh lally - I am SO pleased for you that at last someone has LISTENED and done their job properly!

I’ve got a feeling that it might be feeling a bit like it’s too little, too late, but I really hope that it is the turning point in you getting the right help and support.

Karen x

Hi Lally, at last! I hope this helps and you can now move forward. I don’t know if it was a relief for you or a thank goodness at last feeling, Thinking of you, Chis x

hey Hun…so pleased or ou…yore on the right road now… sincerely hope you get the right support now and it was worth all the pushing and jumping up and down…at last Hun…it’s t right but now the pieces of the puzzle are coming together for you. hugs em xx

Hi Lally Glad for you that you finally know what is wrong with you. Hopefully you’ll get the correct treatment to sort you out. I hope this is not too much of a shock - take it a day at a time. I hope that you have lots of support to help you. Take care, Teresa xx

thanks guys,after 3yrs of hell it took less than 10mins to dx me,Ive been discharged because theres nothing they can do, been put on some meds, there not much use, but at least Im not labeled as mad anymore, a big thanks to all those on here for all their help over the years, and I truely hope some of you still in limbo get your answers soon

Hi Lally

there isn’t anything they can do to cure it but certainly they should help you with supportive rehabilitation. You can get referred to a pain management clinic etc (One of my colleagues is getting this)

Maybe worth mentioning to your GP to see if they can refer you if something hasn’t been done already.

Best of Luck