Everyone for the advice given about the DLA tribunal, much appreciated, I will let you all know the ouutcome have a good day :smiley: x

Good luck ‘Supertramp’! I am still surprised that you do not have the backup (or enough backup) from the specialists. IF it is of any help… You are there for a reason. Tell them how it effects you, and go indeed for the worse scenarios. They do not know the very details of all illnesses. Be as honest as possible. Say thank you for listening to my story, even if they decide, as happened to me on a previous occasion, that you do not qualify for DLA at that stage. Then ask the specialists, if applicable, for their help again. Or put in a new claim. I am a fighter Supertramp, but becoming so much weaker in a relatively short period of time, and also being regarded as someone whose brains do no longer function properly (which IS the case at the end of the day), assuming this is the case with you, meant that I had no other option (although I must admit that having a daughter with special needs at home made me even more convinced of continuing ‘fighting’). All the best.

All the best Supertramp! Fight the good fight and KBO ~Clarexxx