Hi gang... how's it going?

Hope you’re all doing ok? Any better today M??

What a dilemma…I’ll have to go late to bingo cos I want to see the women’s gymnastics which doesn’t end until 7pm!

(bingo actually is 6 or 7 women in lounge downstairs… lol… wouldn’t want you to get the idea that I was actually going OUT for an evening!)

I tweeted about the benefits documentaries last night on Twitter & got 6 new followers. Hope they’re not expecting interesting and dynamic tweets on a daily basis… they will be sorely disappointed.

Take care you all,

Pat xx

The sun is shining…M

Hi Pat

Bit better thanks, rather have it cooler.

Another big money win on the way for you tonight then

you need to start making a list of how to spend your winnings!

Take care

Pam x