Hi gang... how's it going?

Seems a bit quiet on our little board, so just posting to say helloto all and hope everyone's doing ok.

Was out on my scooter this morning and it was freezing!!! But hey at least I got out and had a look at the world (well, a tiny weeny bit of the world... the local shops...).

Going to chill now and watch a bit of telly. 

Pat x sleeping


Hi Pat

The sunshine is lovely but you’re right, it’s freezing out there!

I overdid it yesterday, so that I’m worn to the bone today and my legs are killing me. So, it’s feet up now and rest - no doubt I will just drop off and the boys will arrive home to destroy the peace and argue like crazy. I need to build up some strength to deal with it!

Teresa xxe

Don't know how you manage with kids Teresa. I live on my own and find that hard going (mind you, I am hard going. I even drive myself nuts... lol...)

It should be people like you who get bankers bonuses!!!

Hope you had nice relaxing afternoon and feel better,

Pat x

Hi Pat

Yeah it was cold here today but sunny, I joined my local WI today, I've been meaning to for ages but I made the effort today. They were a friendly bunch, only a small group, 8 members. they said that they need 'new blood' because most of them are over 70. i had a good time, I even won the raffle.

Lynne xx

Hi Lynne, yeah freezing and wet here today.

I think the WI has really changed over the years. They do some great work. Nice to be part of a group and especially one that can be so supportive.

I live in sheltered housing. I'm 58 and most people here are in their 80s and 90s. I've made some really lovely friends. Age difference is nothing at all... after all old people are just people who have been around a bit longer. I ask them about their lives and have heard some amazing stories. One woman... who passed away very recently... was a refugee in Yugoslavia during second world war. She dressed as a man and managed to get across the border into Austria. There she got a job in a British army canteen and met a British soldier, fell in love and married him. After the war they moved back here and she couldn't speak a word of English. She and her husband both spoke German and had only spoken that to each other. This was only one of many incredible stories she told me.

Sorry that was a bit of a tangent, but I encourage you to ask your friends in WI about their lives. It's a real eye-opener.

Take care Lynne,

Pat x

Hello Pat, I`m here to boost our numbers.

I still think when everything gets sorted, I`ll end up with a dx of PPMS. I want that one as opposed to the HSP one!

The hat fits better!

luv Pollx


Don’t know how you manage with kids Teresa. I live on my own and find that hard going (mind you, I am hard going. I even drive myself nuts… lol…)

It should be people like you who get bankers bonuses!!!

Hope you had nice relaxing afternoon and feel better,

Pat x

[/quote] Thanks Pat I must say that it has been harder to deal with my boys in the last year or so. I get tired and confused and then darn grumpy! I do my best though but three teenagers and a 7-year-old (all boys!) are challenging. Take care, Teresa xx

Hi Pat

That was a lovely story, like you say the elderly often have great stories to tell. I don't mind that I'm the youngest at the WI most of them are a lot fitter than me. We had a laugh on Tuesday, it was their 79 year anniversary and they had a tea party, they were telling me about the time they had 100 members (back in the 50's and 60's) and had a choir and drama group. Now there's only 8 of them! how times change. My friend's interested in joining too so we'll swell the numbers a bit. I thought it would be nice to join a group where it's not all about illness and MS, at the coffee morning I go to run by the MS society you hear a lot of that. Sometimes it's good to talk about something else. Keep well.

lynne xx

Poll you are SO PPMS. The hat not only fits but suits you.

You’re not here to boost our numbers as you are one of us anyway.

Pat x

How true Sarah. Little children in China kiss the wrinkles on their grandparents’ faces as they are told that the wrinkles show how wise their grandparents are. I wonder how long that tradition will last… how long before Chinese older people are spending a fortune on anti-wrinkle cream! Our culture is obsessed with youth.

Pat x

I think it’s a brilliant idea Lynne. You could be the start of a regeneration of the group. I heard on Women’s Hour a while back that lots of young women in London are joining WI. AND yes agree… great to be part of something that’s not all about MS.

Pat x

Sunny out there today so I'm going to get my togs on and get out there!

Had an 'in bed' day yesterday... but hey, today's a new day.

Hope everyone's doing ok, 

Pat x cool

Hi Pat

Lovely sunny day here, washing going round and round forty to the dozen.

Roll on spring.

Have a good day.