Hi From Spain... Devastated

Hi all!!

Many of you will remind me!

I had bad news today… I went to hospital to get my results of blood tests…

Well, I am positive in syphilis…

It’s quite hard thought it can be cured with antibiotics.

I had a bad discussion with my boyfriend… As I have had sex only with him for the last 2 years…

Can Syphilis explain my neurological symptoms such as numbness, tingling??
Muscle pain?

As syphilis must be ruled out in blood tests… I think it can mimic MS.

I was so happy my brain mri and cervical mri were clear…

And now maybe syphilis was the answer…

Sorry for not being as cheerful and funny as I used to on this forum…

In the process of rulling out things… Can syphilis be the response and not MS?

Kisses and hugs from Spain,virtual family

I’m so sorry to hear this, Sergio. I’m not an expert, but I do believe that syphilis can cause neurological issues. That’s why it’s so deadly when untreated. Take the meds they give you, follow the doctor’s instructions to the letter, and see if this treatment makes everything all better.


Tomorrow I will go to urgencies at hospital with my blood results.

As I was told there is a disgusting thing called ‘neurosyphilis’ and it can appear in every stage of the disease… The only way to know if it has affected my nervous system is making LP.

Thank u so much for your response.

I know there is a lot of prejudice with sexual diseases… You know, maybe my life was not an example… But it’s awful news and I have a feeling of ‘guilty’.

Kisses :frowning:

These are my results. I have no problem to show them… It’s a health matter.

Sorry to hear your news. I agree with NM , listen to the medics.
All the best

Hi. I’m so sorry you have had to endure this. I was tested for syphilis when the doctors were looking for a reason for my neurological problems . It made me feel bad.
You know it has been proved that our DNA , which we get from our ancestors, can have syphilis in it . Perhaps this is true in your case too.
Love Boods xx

Thank u to both of u @PBMS and @Mogace

For me the hardest thing has been to see how BAD doctors and nurses looked at me… As if I were a killer… It’s an illness!! Yes it is because of lack of responsability but the last thing I want now is a public ‘trial’.

Definitely they sent me to make an LP which will show if syphilis is on my CNS.

How was your experience doing this??

I just want to finish… Hugs family

Hi my LP was more than 30 years ago, I was very scared but it was totally painless for me.
One of the things that scared me was that the doctor looked about 17 and as if he had been out drinking all night! Neither of these were the case and I did not feel a thing.
Good luck

I’m really sorry to hear you were treated badly by the medical staff, totally unacceptable! You have nothing to feel guilty about. Please don’t beat yourself up over it.

I hope you get some effective treatement soon.
Wishing you well.

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Aw Sergio m’amigo.

I’m so very sorry to hear your news. It’s utterly undeserved regardless of sexuality. The medics need a good telling :loudspeaker: loud and clear. IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!!!

I’m away from home this week & only have brief phone signal. Will reply proper at the weekend when I’m back to the land of wifi (ie home)!

Love Sue x :heart:

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I knew you would answer me, I want you to know that your words mean A LOT to me.

Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.

I felt really bad when many people at hospital (some docs and nurses) believed they had the power to judge my private life.

It was especially hard when a nurse approached to me in the waiting room (with more patients waiting) and she made me this question: are you the boy with syphilis?

Well… I answered “yes”… But first, I AM SERGIO. A woman said “maybe that information belongs to this boy and we shouldn’t know that. It’s about respect”

Well, next week I will have a LP to know if syphilis is ‘touching’ my CNS… As you know my tingling was very strange (you called it tinglitis jejeje)

I love you Sue. World is still a good place to live for people like you.

Always, your friend.

Siempre, tu amigo :heart:

Dear Sergio

As I said before, I am so bloody sorry you’ve had this diagnosis. Yes, MS is cr@p but doesn’t have the stigma attached to Syphilis. For some reason, that stigma has lasted throughout the centuries and I’m quite sure it makes you feel rather ‘grubby’, dirty and even guilty.

Again. IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT. It wouldn’t have been your fault if it was MS, and it’s not you fault now. Anymore than it would have been were it HIV. Anyone can catch a sexually transmitted disease. Anyone who has sex with other people that is (and that’s most of us). Having said that, bloody hell I wish I still had feeling down there and were still capable of it!!!

It’s a human thing. Unless you have sex with farmyard animals. Which is just wrong. (Apologies to anyone who has a ‘special friend’ who just happens to be of another species. Assuming it’s consensual!)

It bothers me slightly that you said you had a ‘bad conversation’ with your Sergio. I hope he’s not been a bad boyfriend. If he has and it was maybe early days, perhaps you can forgive him and move on? Regardless, I hope Sergio #2 gets tested. Don’t forget, if he’s negative, or even if he’s positive and hasn’t been unfaithful, either of you could have had it for years with no symptoms. Which would seem so unfair, if it’s a later stage; that you do maybe now have neurosyphilis and that possibly not all the symptoms will go once you have cleared the infection from your system.

I really hope this isn’t going to cause major disruptions for you and your Sergio. He’s such as beautiful boy (as are you) and I know you love each other. I dearly hope you can get beyond this infection and stay together.

Meanwhile, there’s the lumbar puncture. Regardless of it not being MS they’re looking for, this webpage still applies as it’s the same procedure: Lumbar puncture | MS Trust The general rule is to relax about the procedure. To make sure you are able to stay laying down for a good long time after the test (a couple of hours), drink lots of caffeinated liquid after the test (full sugar coke with a bendy straw so you can lay down flat while drinking) and then rest at home.

The attitude of the medical profession is horrible. Try not to let them get to you. Decent people do not behave like that. Kind, generous people will treat all others as human beings and not judge them for an infection that’s in no way caused by your sexuality, the kind of sex you do or don’t have or the gender of your partner. Heterosexuals can get syphilis too. And decent people, regardless of gender or sexuality will treat you the same way regardless of how you live your life or your sexual orientation.

I really feel for you, my dear friend Sergio. I’m happy that you don’t have MS and that your infection is curable with penicillin. I do hope sincerely that there’s no long term effects from it.

Love Sue :heart: x

Wow @Ssssue it’s a looong message for a non-native English speaker Jaja…

But the language does not matter when is about love, friendship and good feelings :slight_smile:

Well, the things with Sergio are OK right now… Because I explained to him that maybe syphilis has been with us all this time (doctor also told him so) so I do not believe he cheated on me… And I did not too.

So… Yes my worry is if my body is going to be able of curing itself with no permanent damage.

I will have my LP 9th November… As you know I will bring all the ‘news’

I know this is a forum OK? But please we both want you to know that you have ALL our love and support for you.

I hope you are having good days… How are you Sue??

It’s beyond words the gratitude I feel when I read messages like yours.

Thank you virtual family!!

(nurse told me that when LP is done I will have to be in bed 12 hours… And drink coke? Jajaja I will have no problem)
I forgot Sue… I laughed a lot about sex… You are an example of life, your humour is fantastic. I always had precaution… I don’t know… Doctor told me even with precaution there is no 100x100 security)

Besos enormes.

Huge kisses

Anything that can be cured is better than something that can’t. Setting aside all the surrounding issues, which are not trivial, that’s what it boils down to at the end. Sergio, if it turned out that your problems were something that can be cured with antibiotics, that would be a good result, and never mind what the name of the ailment it. At the end of the day, what matters most is getting well and staying that way.

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Love u alison

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Hi again…remember what I told you…syphillis can be passed down in our DNA from our ancestors…so IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT however it got into your system.
sending love