Hi from Aberdeen

Hi, im 33 from Aberdeen. Been on and off MS forums. Have MS since i was 25 i think. Nice to meet u all. Peace /

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Hi @Jeath, I’m also new to the forum and note that lots of the welcome and introduction posts get read and not necessarily replied on, so don’t be put off by that. Most of the ‘lets get this off my chest’ messages appear on the other topics on the forum… I will look out for your posts on these as well… in the meantime welcome :blush:

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R u by any chance a member of Grampian MS Therapy Centre?

Morning @Jeath, no I’m not but just had a quick look at the website. It says that there are 60 centres across the country so I will have a look at the website in a little more detail later. I have added the link in to the reply, it might be an interesting read for others.

Oh u should check out Grampian MS Therapy Centre, its in Dyce. They provide Oxygen, Reflexology, Physio Therapy and generally speaking its a very friendly and welcoming place, ive been going there for years. Theres a lady who visits it, she also volunteers for MS Society.