MS Centre Aberdeen

Ok,that didn’t work, don’t know where my message went, what I meant to ask was if anybody went.



Hi Cheryl

I’ve been to a couple of their fund raisers and popped in just after I was dx to say hello but find that even if I wanted to I can’t attend any of the regular groups they run because they are all during the day Mon - Fri when I am at work.

My uncle who also has Ms regularly attends and I’m pretty sure he is a committee member and his wife is also heavily involved. She has mentioned on a couple of occasions that she would like to get some evening sessions up and running so that they can cater to more peoples needs but so far this has not materialised. I think they’re facing the same problems as many other volunteer organisations in that they struggle to get enough people to help.

If they ever got an evening social session going I would certainly consider going.

Ann Marie

Thanks Ann Marie, I’m negotiating redundancy from my work at the moment (nothing to do with my ms) and looking to get more involved. From what you’ve said I might be able to help with fund raising if I have more time on my hands. They have an art class on Wednesdays which I’m going to, I’m hopeless at art actually but I could really do with going involved in something sociallyand it might be fun.

From what you say, if I am interested in helping then they might be happy yo have me involved.

Thanks again


Hi Cheryl

I’ve seen some of the work the art class does and it is fab.

I would think they’d be over the moon to have you, from what I’ve seen they’re always looking for additional helpers. I was meant to help out at their last BBQ/fun day but had to cancel when they changed the date as I already had other plans. They also recently had a psychic evening which I went to which was very successful and interesting!!!

Is it specifically ms groups you are looking to get involved in and is it mainly for social reasons? There are a couple of groups on Facebook specifically for women with ms which are very good and some of the ladies from the Aberdeen area have been arranging to get together which has been really great.

Ann Marie

Hi Cheryl, have you been out to the Therapy centre in Dyce? They are self funding and are always looking for help with fundraising. They have the hyperbaric unit, physio and a couple of alternative therapies. I’m sure they would welcome any help offered.


Hi again Ann Marie

if they are always looking for helpers then I might be able to help out a bit. I didn’t realise they did things like bbq’s/fun days and a psychic evening, that sounds interesting.

These face book groups sound interesting too., how do I find them on Facebook? Are you on them? Yes, I feel that I could do with arranging things socially, it would be fun to meet up with other people.

I’m a bit nervous about going to the centre. Is it a variety of men and women who go and all sorts of ages? I’m 44. I won’t be the only person there, will I?


Hi Gary, I was at the therapy centre in Dyce once many many years ago. I didn’t realise it was still there, yes, that’s a good idea, thanks. do you go to it?



i live in Aberdeen and never knew of a therapy centre in Dyce. I have never been to the MS Centre either as I have to rely on lifts as I can’t get about easily anymore.

i have gone to a centre at Shedocksly though for physio.

Mags xx

Cheryl, I go to the Dyce centre quite often. I used to go for Oxygen treatment but after 3 pulmonary embolisms this is no longer an option. The reason I go to Dyce as opposed to Long Walk road is that I find it a much more positive experience. There is a far friendlier atmosphere and newcomers are always made very welcome. I also help out with benefits etc as it’s what I used to do.

Mags, the therapy centre in Dyce has been on the go for years. There is a Hyperbaric unit and many people have oxygen therapy. As I said there is also physio and stuff like reflexology. I presume the centre you attended was Horizons. If you want any further info about the Dyce unit let me know.


Hi Mags, I don’t get about very easily either. I have the car but find it hard to get in and out of on my own so tend to only go out if someone is with me.

Perhaps if I get on well at the centre we can maybe persuade you to go along.

Are you local to th Sheddocksley area.


Gary, perhaps I could come to Dyce one day when you are there. I know I don’t know you but I kind of know who you are if that makes sense.

Would I be able to get involved with fundraising etc. I feel I should try to get involved a bit more.


No problem Cheryl, just let me know when you want to meet up.


Thanks Gary, I’m still working at the moment so still busy. Would love to come along though, I’m nervous because I’ve avoided this kind of thing for so long but I really need to meet people locally and gt involved.


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As I said just let me know when you fancy going. I can then give you my contact details and we can arrange to meet up.


Cool, thanks Gary.

awww cheryl/gary…

reading ur replies have got me all emotional! i met several folk (in reality) thru this site when i was well and am still in contact with them today. never underestimate the strength of the friendships found on here! i hope you do meet and are of great support for each other


Thanks Ellie.

Gary, sent you a pm.

Cheryl, I’ve sent you a pm