Hello 👋 Newbie here

Hello :wave: I’m Kaz. I care for my husband who was diagnosed in 2020, having had issues for years. It’s a long story and we’re still learning. We live in the Far North of Scotland so there are limited resources up here. Hubby’s MS Nurse suggested I/we join this forum. Sending all the best to all of you and looking forward to being part of the community :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Welcome Kazooki. It’s good to meet you. If you have questions please do ask and hopefully someone will have an answer for you.

Welcome to the forum Kaz,

Was only diagnosed in 2023 myself and I’m learning new things every week from here and my local MS group. Ever need some help drop a message in the forum and I’m sure someone will be able to help.

Hi Kazooki

Welcome to you and your husband, someone is usually around if you have any questions.

Pam x

Hi Kaz. I’m in the Central belt - a few miles to the south west of Glasgow. 70 year old married man who has had MS for about 18 years now ( or rather it’s about 18 years since diagnosis). Very happy to answer any questions about my experiences etc. Basically still walking although needing a stick for anything over a couple of hundred metres or so.

(We don’t really know the far north although we do holiday in Orkney and Shetland and work used to take me to Aberdeen)