Saying Hi.

I was diagnosed with ms in 2015.
I’m 50 & I’m living in Wales.
Although diagnosed when I was, looking back through my medical records, my doctor could point out a couple of things that were linked from few years before that.
A lot has been going on, what with understanding it all, accepting my life changing & all that’s involved, I’m still getting to grips finding that ‘new normal’
Slowly but surely as they say.


Just wanted to say welcome to the forum, it has been revamped and is taking some time to get used to it.

Take care and enjoy the sunshine.

Pam x


This is very new to me, I’m sure I’ll get to grips with it too.
Nice to be able to talk to like minded people about experiences or just a chat about nothing is good too.

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There are lots of lovely people on the forum always willing to help and offer advice when they can, but I think at the moment everyone is trying to get to grips with the new forum, so give it some time and hopefully things will return to normal.

Take care :grinning:

Pam x

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Thankyou, look forward to lots of chats on the forum.
Take care

Hello and welcome!

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Hello to you too.

Hi there
New to this forum
Been recently diagnosed but have had the symptoms on and off since my twenties and I’m now 50!!!
I live in South Wales

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Hi Kerry, aswell as the MS, we are very similar in lots of ways, I’m living in south Wales too & also (only just, haha) turned 50.

Hi there
I have only just seen this so apologies for the delay in replying
What part of South Wales ??
Hope are you coping atm

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I’m in Swansea, & you?
I’m ok Thankyou, hope you are too.

I’m In Newport
Swansea is lovely. My son was in uni there and I loved visiting

Swansea is lovely, also there are some beautiful places to go too
My son was also in Swansea uni, he finished last year.