Hi Folks 5 days in Hospital with Constipaion

Hi guys sorry not been around much but no excuse other than maybe a bit of depression. I got home Sunday afternoon after four nights five days in QEQM Hospital here in Margate. Great fun hospitalised again with constipation. Had some enemas which didnt work and in the end Picolax which after two doses I was finally empty. I had a colonoscopy and thankfully no nasties other than an extra long stretched colon which dont want to work. It looks like a Stoma and pouch for me in the near future I am going to Saint Marks in London the 30th of October! So watch this space

Have fun XX Don

Oh Don.

My best wishes are with you.

Bottom stories?

As children, us boys laughed loudly about breaking wind stuff. Now it’s serious. We need to steel ourselves and do what’s necessary.



Sorry to hear that Don, I’ve finally started noting movements in my diary - oh the glamour!

I’ve only started because sometimes I get so forgetful and worry when I miss days… cos that can result in several movements in just a couple of hours so thought this was a sensible move, forewarned is forearmed etc.

Take care of yourself

Sonia x

Don sorry to hear of your problems, hope it’s easier now, you have my sympathy as constipation problems can be endless.

Nice to see you on the forum though, take care both of you.

Pam x

Thanks folks just a brief note :- almost a week at home and waiting for the GP to call because I am on new medications and I still havent been hmmm oh poo


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I am simply green with envy when someone breaks wind in my vicinity. I would love to be able to fart!

Oh you poor thing. I hope some of the meds suit you and put you back on a more regular track.

Sonia x

Poor Don, I’m so glad I have Frazer he always gets the blame for any wind issues. I feel for you constipation is awful, occasionally I’m effected but nothing too severe I have had latulose its absolutely disgusting, like sweet syrupy filth. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi Don,

Sorry to hear you’re having such a rough time of it with Constipation it quite literally is a pain in the butt.

Like you and many others I have constant problems with it (I have IBS too to add to the mix) I try to control it with diet and medication but it doesn’t always work.

I’ve not experienced it to the point of being hospitalized like yourself but I do remember years ago when I was expecting (pre MS diagnosis) that I suffered it horrifically to the point that they had to give me something very strong (no idea now what it was) but it could of brought about me losing my baby, which I didn’t thank-fully and it did eventually help with the constipation start to move so I totally feel for you.

Hope things improve soon :slight_smile:

Take Care.

Twinkle Toes x

Oh hi Michelle & Frazer,

Good to see you on here I hope you’re doing ok and that your Mum is too :slight_smile:

Aww, poor Frazer getting the blame for the wind issues… I blame my daughter or the cat lol

Take Care.

Twinkle Toes xx