Hi everyone ☺️

Hi everyone, I’m recently diagnosed and really struggling to get my head around everything!
I wanted to come on here and introduce myself and hopefully chat to some amazing people :heart:

Hi Sammi
You’ve come to the right place - unfortunately. We’ve all had to swallow that same bitter pill and it takes some adjusting to. It’s not like other illnesses & injuries, we’re not going to get better, it’s more a question of how slowly we get worse. Sorry if that sounds gloomy but the realisation enables you to concentrate on the other aspects of health and life that you CAN improve - keep a positive mental attitude and it can really work :smiley:
Graeme, 59

P.S. Tell us a bit about yourself - how long you feel you’ve had it, pre-diagnosis and how it’s affecting you. How have family taken the news?

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Welcome. Great bunch on here. I am still undiagnosed but this place has been amazing help and support. Lots of amazing people that will help you through this x

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Hi, like your name Smileysammi,

Lots of us have been on here for years and still getting our heads around our MS. It’s the condition that continues to surprise each and every one of us.

If you want to meet up with other people with MS look for your local group. Always good for a laugh and cup of coffee or exercise.

Taking bookings for Christmas meals at the moment.

Look after yourself.


Hi Jen,

I might just do that! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Hi Suzy,

So lovely to meet everyone!
Oh no - how come there has been no Diagnosis?

Hi Graeme,

Awh! So nice to meet you!
It’s annoying it doesn’t quite sink in until I read other horror stories and start to get scared so I am guessing this is going to take a while.

I was luckily diagnosed as I was having severe pins and needles in my left leg and then a year later on one side of my face. Had a few MRI’s and blood tests and presto here I am; still waiting on anything to slow down the progression! What worries me is when I have any pain or normal symptoms of anything I always never know if it’s the MS or no!

What about you Graeme, how did everything happen for you?

I’m feeling left out :sob: I want an alliterative username too but all I can come up with is GurningGraeme… :roll_eyes:

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I was waiting on my mri and now results are in and there is no evidence so I am being re reviewed as symptoms are mental

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Awhh that’s kinda good news though no? :slight_smile:

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lol, this has been my go-to for quite some time and it’s the complete opposite of how I am; people say I have a RBF but it’s not intentional :frowning:

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Yeah and no as can still be clear but have ms. Just early doors

What is rbf?

Haha I don’t wanna write it on here but resting b face! basically look moody all the time haha!

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Completely!!! Lol

Could it perhaps be CIS - as I was doing some research about this and seems like a once occurrence! Or is your symptoms reoccurring?

Hi smileysammi,

I’ve just joined the group and am also new to this. I completely understand what your saying, it’s so difficult to get your head round. How are you coping with the diagnosis?
Hope your doing okay :blush:

Hi Kezza,

I am just extremely terrified tbh - It’s a weird one… I am so terrified about all the things that could happen and the pain etc. I also never know when somethings happening if it’s even MS related it’s really annoying.

How about you tell me about your diagnosis?

Hi Smileysammi,

That’s it isn’t it you just don’t know and not something you ever imagined you’d have to deal with. No one in my family has it or has had it so it’s come sort of as a complete shock. Did you have any warning signs? How did you come to get diagnosed if you don’t mind me asking?
Mine started the end of December last year when my right eye went completely blurry and turns out I had optic neuritis then had another episode of it again in March from which I now have no sight out of that eye which they have told me is now permanent then I got pins and needles in both feet and legs and they went numb but I have regained some feeling since which is good so they repeated the MRI found 2 lesions on my spine 2 in my brain and then 2 old ones on my optic nerve and now here I am! I have tried to cut the story down as much as I can so sorry for the essay. Do you have a good support network?

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Hi Kezza,

Wow - I am so sorry that really does suck. I’m not sure you feel the same way but at least you got the diagnosis and you know what the problems are to do with. Are you on any DMT?

I went to the doctor as I was getting the same as you pins and needles down the left leg and was like that for a month. They didn’t say much just must be trapped nerve… then a year later I had it down one side of my face so once again returned and had an MRI and they found the lesions and then 2 years later did another MRI and there was a new one. So now I’m officially diagnosed! Sorry for my essay too! :slight_smile: