Hi :0)

Hi all just wanted to introduce myself . I found out I have Ms only 4 weeks ago and up until this point I did not even know what MS was but had a lot of problems for a long time before being diagnosed . I had convinced myself It was all in my head and kept quiet about a lot of my symptoms in case people though I was either a hypochondriac or a crazy lady LOL so my diagnosis actually came as a comfort knowing what was happening to me , Anyway looking forward to meeting you all :0)

Tracy Xxx

Hi Tracy

I can identify with what you are saying. I kept several of my symptoms to myself.

My GP had led me to believe that they were caused by stress and I felt ashamed that I ought to be able to overcome them and make myself better.

Although I was shocked when the Neuro said she thought I had MS, I was relieved that it wasn’t all in my head!

Tree65 xx

Hi Tracy,

Welcome.  In a way is a comfort to know your condition instead of the speculation of the unknown.  You will find great support on this forum, someone is always there to make sense of it all for you.

Its been my rock just recently, as I am going through my first major relapse since diagnosis.

Knowledge is strength, Take Care





Hi Tracy

As one 'crazy lady' to another - welcome to the sanatorium!

That has been what this site is to me - a place to reestablish my sanity!  MS is the trickster of diseases and has so many subtle ways of asserting itself so it is not surprising we don't realise what is happening!

I found that despite the shock of the initial diagnosis that a great releif came over me as  realised I wasn't just completely barking and the odd things I'd been reporting over the years all had a causal link.

Nice to meet you


Hi Tracy, yes I was also pleased to be diagnosed, it was a relief to know that the symptoms I had had for many years were real and not in my head. I took it as an opportunity to move on and go forward. Cheryl:)

Awww thankyou my lovely's for the welcome happy2It is good to know that other people have had the same feelings. I went to gp over the space of a couple of years with various symptoms and was told time after time it was stress even though i did not have any stress going on. One time after 4 weeks of constant vibrating legs and no feeling in the left side of my face and weak left hand i went to the gp and spoke to him about it and he said look there is no known condition that can cause your symptoms and sent me packing and after that I wouldnt go back no matter how bad things got. However I was under another doctor for my blood not clotting and he happened to ask me if i was having any other problems with my health and i told him about various symptoms next thing i know i had a urgent mri and later a diagnosis . If I had known back when i was having problems about Ms I would have known straight away that this might have been the cause but i just did not have any knowledge of it at all. Hope your feeling better soon cazm

Tracy Xxx 

Hi Tracy, welcome :slight_smile: This place is amazingly helpful and it’s not filled with the crack pots you find elsewhere. Nice to meet you, Suz xx

Hi Tracey, welcome to the forum, its not a bad place to be and a great one for any information advice or just to have a good moan if that is what you need.



Hello Tracy and welcome.



Hi Tracy, and welcome

Sorry you fell foul of the well known “I am omnipotent” GP who hasn’t actually got a clue about neurology! Unfortunately only too many of them about :frowning:

Karen x

Hi Tracey,

Welcome from me too.  I haven't been here long but these lovely people have kept me sane and given me help.  I'm sure you'll enjoy it.  happyflower

Love Yvonne


welcome, this is a great place for help and support and its very important to know that there's always someone to listen.

best wishes

mandy xx

Hi Kizzy,

              Welcome to The Gang Hut! Like you, I found diagnosis a huge relief, and the specialist came down off his high horse too when it became clear that I did have a real illness, despite my youth. Oh how sweet was the sight of the smirk disappearing off his pudgey face!