Herpes and ms

Had what i thought was bad thrush for a few weeks. Wouldnt go so went to the doctors about it and have been given medication for possible herpes. Apparently this could have been dormant for years and i have now had an outbreak. I am terrified and gutted…does anyone else have this? How do you cope especially alongside your ms?

take the medication the doctor prescribed.

we live in blissful ignorance of the things that can go wrong with our female bits.

don’t beat yourself up.

it isn’t even a definite diagnosis, just possible.

you’ll pull through this

carole x

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Don’t know why you are gutted and terrified. The human papilloma virus HPV and HSV , while irritating, are not life threatening. Some people are prone to cold sores, some people get genital herpes.

Continue with the medication and follow the advice from your gp.